Review of Annie O’Moon-Browning’s Rosanna

Review of Annie O’Moon-Browning’s Rosanna

Follow along as the pendulum swings to the heartbreaking rhythm of Rosanna’s life. Set in New South Wales, Australia, this fantastic novel spans over the course of years shifting from past and present.

Unveiled with each turn of the page is not just the mystery and intrigue of Rosanna’s life, but also her therapist’s, Anna, and the connection that links them together as they endeavour to obtain Rosanna’s children back through the healing abilities of therapy and self-acceptance.

Facing the past to move forward

After years of abuse and trauma, Rose must fight her monsters with all her strength to pull her life back together.

She must face her past, and all the people who made it magical and traumatising, as well as her addictions and mental health issues to prove that she is capable of caring for her two children. But there are greater forces at work that are pushing Rose onto the path she has taken.

Anna encourages the use of art and music for her clients’ healing journeys. Using her own experiences as a former therapist, O’Moon-Browning captures the connection between therapist and client exquisitely.

Bringing life to moments and characters

O’Moon-Browning does an exceptional job at bringing to life the intimate and intrinsic moments between her characters. Every chapter, every sentence, every word hums with power and energy and resonates off the pages and into reality.

Rosanna encapsulates the beautiful essence of Australian magic and infuses it with Celtic folklore to create a mesmerising and enriching tale. O’Moon-Browning writes as if the earth itself composed a melodic symphony, and she stood as the sole enraptured listener to write it for the rest of us to hear.

The novel reflects the rawness of life. Themes of family and love are heavily focused on throughout the book. This is a story that follows the miraculous journey of a woman who never gave up and who always looked for love in a world that was all too ready to betray her.

A book for the heart and soul

Despite the mature themes, there is still the strong spirit of childhood innocence and an emphasis on seeing the world through more than just our senses. This is an enchanting book that exudes heart and soul and one that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Rosanna is Annie O’Moon-Browning’s debut novel, and she has entered the publishing world with a bang. This is not a book for the light of heart. If you want to cry, laugh, scream, and believe in the magic of our world again then Rosanna has it all.


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