All the best books from Hawkeye Publishing and other favourites.

The Umbilical Family
Reset – Sydney Hammond Short Story Comp 2020 Anthology
An Archangel’s Gift
Places to Poop
Just Nat
Pelican’t Do It
Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident
Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam
Return to Tamarlin
Where There is a Will
Dead Agent by C T Mitchell
Winning Short Story Competitions
It’s Raining Shoes.
Cans for Change
Welcome to Blackwood
Breaking Through the Pain Barrier
Freedom & Hope
Finding Love Again (A Guide to)
Serpent’s Wake
Surface Children
Shriek: an absurd novel
Murder Secret
Everyday A-holes. A Picture Book for Adults
Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow
What If You Fly?


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