All the best books from Hawkeye Publishing and other favourites.

Return to Tamarlin
Inspiring IVF Stories
The Magic Trampoline Sequel
Finding Love Again (A Guide to)
Enemies Within These Shores
Surface Children
Dead Set
Holding out for a Hero
It’s Raining Shoes.
Allsorts – SOLD OUT
Dead Agent by C T Mitchell
Black Cow
The Umbilical Family
Serpent’s Wake
Dead Shot
Baby Farm
The Divine Bodyguard; a stylish gift
The Scarlet Key
The Ruby Bottle
Uriel’s Gift
Sleep Before Evening
Trouble for Toby
Shriek: an absurd novel
Pelican’t Do It
Granny Rags
Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam
Winning Short Story Competitions
The Magic Trampoline


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