Hawkeye Publishing

    We are an independent trade publishing house in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

    All our books have been carefully selected from open submissions and agency referrals, refined by our editors, produced and published in-house. Some of our signed authors came to our attention by short or long-listing in the Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize.

    We look for manuscripts that will leave a lasting footprint on a reader’s heart and imagination. Aspiring authors, read our titles to find your fit within our catalogue.

    Hawkeye is a member of the Australian Publishers Association and the Small Press Network.

    You can find Hawkeye books through all good bookstores and libraries, and at Booktopia and hawkeyebooks.com.au.

    Traditional Contracts

    Manuscripts that are exemplary, original and the kind sought after by readers will be considered for a traditional publishing contract. Ideally, your work needs to be professionally edited prior to submitting and be ready to be published with a light line edit and proofreading. 

    Hybrid Contracts

    Hybrid Contracts

    In an exceptional circumstance when we believe you have a very good manuscript and a book that we strongly believe will be embraced by the market, but your manuscript requires further work, we may take you on under a hybrid contract. There would have to be a compelling reason for us to offer you this option. 

    We accept:

    1. Adult Genre Fiction
    2. Non-Fiction
    3. Self-Help
    4. Memoir
    5. Faction (fiction inspired by a real event)
    6. Young Adult
    7. Children’s

    We do not accept:

    1. Poetry
    2. Comic Books


    We’re looking for the next great storyteller. If that’s you, please contact us when we open for submissions. 

    Hawkeye Publishing is currently closed for submissions. We suggest you sign up to our newsletter to be notified when we re-open. 

    Manuscript Submissions

    Authors have more options for publishing than ever before. At Hawkeye, we give you choice, quality assurance, and an energetic publicity team who are by your side long after the ink has dried on your first print run.

    Hawkeye offers Traditional and Hybrid Contracts.

    We accept the following genres:

    • Creative non-fiction – junior reader and adult
    • Faction (fiction based on a true event)
    • Serialised YA or junior reader fiction
    • Fiction: romance, mystery, crime or popular
    • Self-help
    • Market-sought Memoir
    • Picture books – we accept author/illustrator submissions.

    More Info

    Hawkeye is an independent trade publishing house, passionate about bringing quality books into the marketplace. We thank all who submit unsolicited manuscripts to us, however due to the number of submissions we receive, you may only hear from us if you are shortlisted for publication. Shortlisted authors usually hear from us within three months.

    We are best placed to assist Australian and New Zealand authors in terms of our publicity reach; we will however consider authors from other countries where the author demonstrates there is benefit in having an Australian publisher.

    If you have any questions please get in touch via the Contact Form.

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