Buy 3+ Books for FREE Delivery Within Australia

Buy 3+ Books for FREE Delivery Within Australia

Remember Series


Genre: Children's Fiction

Hawkeye is proud to announce the release of the Remember Series 2-book package.

As part of the package, you’ll receive both Remember: Lest We Forget and Remember: Triple Zero Heroes.

Purchase these inspiring books at a discounted price of $56.00.

Remember: Lest We Forget is a commemorative illustrated children’s book and the first book in the REMEMBER series. Remember Lest We Forget is told from the perspective of a child at an Anzac Day march, who steps into the shoes of people they see, to find out why they are there. Remember: Lest We Forget was first published in 2019 and Hawkeye Publishing is proud to release this reimagined second edition.

Remember: Triple Zero Heroes is the second book in the REMEMBER series. It takes readers on a journey into the shoes of our emergency service men and women.

The Remember series teaches young readers about empathy while giving them insight into the lives of people from the defence forces, the emergency services, and more.

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