Welcome to Blackwood

Young adult, paranormal fiction by Khaiah Thomson.

Front cover of young adult fiction novel Welcome to Blackwood by Khaiah Thomson.

Welcome to Blackwood Synopsis:

Freya has spent her life on the run—trying to blend in amongst Mundanes. Like her father, she is a Syphon with the ability to draw energy from others, including their powers. When Freya accidentally draws energy from a friend, she and her family are on the run again and return to her mum’s hometown of Blackwood, where Freya’s abilities remain a secret.

Freya’s mum and brother are wolf shifters—genetics that skipped Freya. Freya has to decide by eighteen whether she joins their pack or remains independent.

Freya discovers Blackwood is a secretive community comprised mostly of Supernaturals like herself. Supers exist outside of mundane laws. With many communities like Blackwood competing for power, strict rules protect the Blackwood community.

Freya meets Beau, rumoured to be a lone wolf, although loosely attached to the Northern Blackwood wolves, her family’s rival pack. He is hostile towards Freya due to the power he senses in her, but when he rescues her from a risky situation, they become more than friends, creating tension with her family and rival packs.

What happens next in the town where nothing is normal could cost Freya her freedom…

Reviews for YA Fiction Welcome to Blackwood:

‘I am seriously loving Blackwood! I have that addicted feeling where you are thinking about it when you’re not reading it… 😬’

Tammy Bevan, QLD

‘Ridiculously good. I read this in one weekend. Couldn’t put it down. Loved the yin and yang of Freya and Beau’… Click to read long review.

Cate Sawyer, Author.

‘Whilst there are some classic elements to the story you may have come across before (a teenager looking to find her place in the world; the tension of a star-crossed romance; supernatural characters) they are given a fresh twist so you have the joy of familiarity but in a whole new context. I read Welcome to Blackwood in a day because I found it very hard to put down. The humour, especially in the dialogue, crackles along and the writing is confident and assured.’… READ FULL REVIEW HERE

Jackie Morris, United Kingdom.

‘Welcome to Blackwood was an enjoyable romp with great characters, fun humour, and had some interesting twists and turns that really left me excited for the next instalment in the series’…

Nita Delgado, Australia.

Welcome to Blackwood is a thrilling, easy-read, young adult novel with loads of action and a quirky sense of humour. As soon as I read Khaiah’s manuscript, I signed her for 3 books. Our team is very excited about getting this one to readers’…

Carolyn Martinez, Director, Hawkeye Publishing.
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  1. Emma - July 28, 2020 Reply

    This looks amazing!!!!! The cover looks spectacular and the synopsis has got me hooked already. Counting down the days until this is released!!!

  2. Mesha Hall - July 30, 2020 Reply

    What a beautiful cover! Cannot wait to read this book!

  3. Jess W - July 30, 2020 Reply

    So excited for this one! Great cover 😀

  4. Mike - July 30, 2020 Reply

    Very keen to get my hands on this book!

  5. Amy - July 30, 2020 Reply

    So excited! The story sounds like it will have a great twist! Love a good paranormal romance <3

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