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The Detective Jarrod O’Connor series

The Angels Wept – Book 1

Synopsis: A death pact and shocking betrayal. A deluded killer. A small town detective pushed to the brink.

Set in the rural Australian town of Lockyer, Detective Sergeant Jarrod O’Connor is thrust into a baffling double homicide case. When a couple is gunned down inside their idyllic country homestead, three children barely escape with their lives and hold the key to breaking the case wide open. In search of a motive, O’Connor discovers there are others who share the killer’s twisted delusions and taste for immortality. Tormented by his own demons, O’Connor forms a strong bond with the children who he must protect at the risk of placing his own family in danger.

As O’Connor pieces together clues, he is drawn closer to a deadly confrontation and thrilling climax.

The Demons Woke – Book 2

The Demons Woke final cover

Synopsis: A dead girl. An online predator. A shocking series of revenge murders. A new evil has emerged from the shadows.

Detective Jarrod O’Connor returns in this captivating sequel to ‘The Angels Wept’. Disillusioned by the relentless caseload of child abuse cases, endemic social issues and a broken justice system, O’Connor questions if he can really make a difference. 

A teen goes missing and her body is discovered in a dry creek bed. The investigation exposes the sordid underbelly of online child exploitation. O’Connor and his team must go deep undercover to flush out the killer. However, what they uncover is far more disturbing than they ever imagined. 

A predator is out there, killing indiscriminately. What first seems like a series of unrelated murders, becomes a pattern of connected revenge killings. The ghosts of a past investigation come back to haunt O’Connor and he almost pays with his life. O’Connor must confront an unyielding killer whose version of justice forces him to question his own moral compass. 

The Shadows Watch – Book 3

The Shadows Watch

Synopsis: A killer on the run. A deadly ultimatum. A thirty-year mystery. A detective seeking justice.

A national manhunt for the killer Kaleb Carmichael is stretching police resources to its limits. He is out there, waiting, watching – on a relentless quest for revenge. He strikes again, toying with police. Detective Sergeant Jarrod O’Connor’s world implodes following a personal tragedy. Grappling to cope with his loss, he is forced to take extreme action to protect his family. How far will he go to keep them safe? What lines will he cross to see justice served? Carmichael reaches out with a promise and an ultimatum; seek revenge or suffer retribution. O’Connor must decide, forced with a choice – kill or be killed. 

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