Returning to Adelaide

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Multi-award finalist contemporary fiction by Australian author Anne Freeman. Returning to Adelaide is engaging, sexy and uplifting.


Returning to Adelaide will be launched 1st March 2022.

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Returning to Adelaide Synopsis:

Adelaide Jones is about to taste the sweet life.

Raising her 5-year-old twins is getting easier and her husband, Joe, is selling his IT company for an ungodly sum. Then, it all begins to implode. Not only are her closest friends facing insurmountable challenges but the rock of her own marriage is crumbling.

Could her quest to be indispensable to her husband have rendered her invisible instead?

‘Maybe it’s time Joe learned just how pampered his life is.’

When Alec, an unrequited love from the past, invites her to the Greek Islands, she flees on a whim. Here in Ikaria, with bass beating in time with her heart, she isn’t a wife or mother, just a woman thrust into a strange new world.

But when her feelings for Alec reignite, despite his burgeoning love affair with world-famous house act DJ Allora, Adelaide redirects her attention to local bartender Xena and the exquisite artisanal embroidery her family produce.

It’s been years since the beauty of textiles has stirred these feelings in her and she’s startled to realise just how far off course her life has veered. But even in paradise things aren’t always what they seem and Adelaide finds herself deeply enmeshed in the lives of her new friends.

Responsibility comes calling

Just as Adelaide is succumbing to old passions and getting reacquainted with the promising woman she once was, responsibility comes calling. Now she has to stop trying to solve everyone else’s problems and face the tatters of her own life.

She returns home to find her world inexorably altered and is forced to question the veracity of some long-held beliefs, making way for the emergence of an unlikely ally.

Can she muster the courage to build the life she always dreamed of or will she succumb to her stifling sense of duty and the convenience of an unexpected opportunity?

Returning to Adelaide will be officially launched on 1st March 2022.

Reviews for Returning to Adelaide by Anne Freeman.

Anne writes at a rollicking pace with never a dull moment, or a dull character. I was completely invested in the life of Adelaide Jones from the very first page. Every twist and turn had me captivated and some of the characters had me laughing out loud. This novel is an absolute joy to read, and at the same time grapples with very real and challenging themes that people, and especially mothers of young children, cannot avoid and must find a way through. Sometimes those challenges make us lose something of ourselves and sometimes they help us return to ourselves. I thoroughly recommend this book.

Marion Osmond, Eltham, Victoria

The characters in Returning to Adelaide are so vibrant and full of life. I didn’t know how invested I was until I realised I’d read the second half of the book in one sitting! I didn’t want Adelaide’s story to end but I couldn’t stop reading.

David Bowley, Caulfield North, Victoria

I finished reading Returning to Adelaide in a day and a half. What an incredible novel! Anne has a wonderful way with words, bringing everything vividly to life. The characters were wonderful and the images of Greece were evocative. I loved escaping into this story. Enjoyable and totally addictive!

Bronwyn White, St Kilda, Victoria

Adelaide is the type of character that grabs hold of your hand and pulls you along through page after page. I found myself thinking of her during my day, questioning what I would do, how I would respond if I was in her situation. Not only did Adelaide take up residence in my thoughts and dreams but the cast of various other characters also played their part in weaving together a wonderful story. A story littered with shades of pain, that then gave way to the bright light of hope and joy. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Returning to Adelaide and I look forward to reading more books by the wonderful wordsmith that is Anne Freeman.

Andrea Dato, Melbourne, Victoria

Returning to Adelaide is glorious! It’s a beautiful celebration of strong women, and of the power of reconnecting with our passions and remembering who we were before the metamorphosis of motherhood. There’s delicious romance, a breathtaking setting, and heart-warming friendships. I laughed, I cried, I raged and I cheered! And thank you to Anne Freeman for taking me to Ikaria – what an escape!

Brooke Crawford, Altona North, Victoria

I devoured this book! From a bleak season in London I was magically transported to the warm, balmy nights of Greece to follow Adelaide’s  adventure of spontaneity, love, lust, resilience and self-belief. Fun, Inspiring and complete escapism!

Lisa Kelly, London, UK

I was completely hooked from the beginning. The writing was impressive and the story touched on so many big themes, for women especially. It was the perfect distraction. I can’t wait to read whatever Anne writes next. Amazing.

Valentina Smith, Kensington, Victoria

Anne Freeman’s writing style is refreshing. I was absorbed in every detail of this story of courage, quest for self, love and adventure.

Carly Ruggeri, Geelong, Victoria

This book came at a time where I really needed a chance to get away from it all but clearly couldn’t – thanks COVID-19! It was amazing and also a not too subtle reminder to love yourself first. Here’s to all of us finding a tanned, brilliant person to whisk us away and devour us on a Greek Island. Loved it.

Brooke Adair, Northcote, Victoria

This was an easy read, entertaining, engaging and peppered with deep emotion. The characters were so well drawn, particularly Adelaide. You could literally feel her pain as she navigated the sudden difficulty of managing the end of her relationship. Her journey to a new life is uplifting, her bravery and sense of positivity shines through. Thoroughly recommended.

Christine Kelly, London, UK

Anne not only writes with style but with substance. I fell in love with the characters and was taken on a ride with them through their highs and lows, while being transported to an exotic Greek Island. Fun, flirty and full of laughs!

Nicole O’Brian, Montrose, Victoria

I loved going on this ride with Adelaide. I wish I had her courage to tip life upside down to find something better.

Andrea Maher, Croydon, Victoria
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