Buy 3+ Books for FREE Delivery Within Australia

Buy 3+ Books for FREE Delivery Within Australia

Just Nat: Life in the fast lane with Natalie Lowndes


Genre: Biography

The official biography of Natalie Lowndes by author, Natalie Kile.

Author Natalie Kile presents the life of Nat Lowndes through a mix of interviews with Nat herself, photographs, researched narrative, and interviews with people close to Nat – including Bev Brock, Helen Lowndes (Craig Lowndes’ Mum), Flav (Nat’s best friend), and more.

This book itself is an example of Nat’s generosity and thoughtfulness. Responding to a random request by author, Natalie Kile, and spurred on by consistent requests from friends and social media followers over the years, Nat Lowndes allowed the author into her close space to enable this book. Nat Lowndes is taking no proceeds from the sale of Just Nat – instead, the author is donating a portion of sales to Nat Lowndes’ favourite charities.

Read the full article that describes how Natalie Lowndes agreed to have her biography written. 

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