Pelican’t Do It

Front cover of Pelican't Do It by Cate Sawyer and Kyle Tweed

Pelican’t Do It by Cate Sawyer and illustrated by Kyle Tweed, a dynamic picture book that will have your engaged 4-7 year old turning the pages.

Pelican’t Do It Synopsis:

Pelican’t and Pelican are twins. Pelican is dead-set lucky, but poor Pelican’t is the unluckiest pelican to ever have lived. Pelican rides the highest waves with the dolphins, whereas poor Pelican’t … well … you need to see it to believe it. And you’ll never guess what happens to him when he tries to land gracefully just like his twin brother on a lightpole. Let’s just say Pelican’t manages to turn up the voltage!

Then one day, Pelican’t has an idea! A delightful romp that explores individuality, strengths and weaknesses, determination, and discovering one’s unique talents.

About Children’s Book Author Cate Sawyer

This is Cate Sawyer’s fifth picture book. Previous titles: Discombobulated, The Umbilical Family, It’s Raining Shoes, and Places to Poop. She believes in the transformational beauty of words to leave a footprint on a child’s heart, and that a child develops a love of reading sitting on a parent’s lap, exploring exquisite illustrations and delightful words.

About Children’s Book Illustrator Kyle Tweed

Children’s Book Illustrator Kyle Tweed has a Bachelor of 3D Animation and is passionate about concept art, music and bringing a sense of humour into work and art. Pelican’t Do It is Kyle’s first picture book and he says that working with Cate Sawyer has been an amazing experience for him as he was forced to push his boundaries with his art. ‘Drawing the same character multiple times in different scenarios is both testing and rewarding,’ Kyle said.

Pelican’t Do It is due for release on Saturday 13th June 2020. Pre-orders are only available for delivery within Australia. If you pre-order now, your book will arrive before or on 13th June. Pop a note in special delivery instructions if you’d like your pre-ordered book personally signed by the author or illustrator. Overseas sales options will be added to our site after 13th June.

Reviews for Pelican’t Do It

‘My 5-year-old loves it, especially some of the graphics. There are some really funny moments.’

Jane Myers, Mum.

You can secure the dynamic Pelican’t Do It for delivery within Australia for $20 + $2.20 postage. Pelican’t Do It is 32 A4 pages, full colour, with a superior softcover. Thank you for supporting Australian talent and quality Indie publishing.

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