Pelican’t Do It

ISBN: 9780648366119

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Front cover of Pelican't Do It by Cate Sawyer and Kyle Tweed

Pelican’t Do It by Cate Sawyer and illustrated by Kyle Tweed, a dynamic picture book that will have your engaged 4-7 year old turning the pages.

Jealous siblings? PeliCAN AND PeliCAN’T are twins. PeliCAN’T tries and tries but he’s just not good at things his brother likes. Until… he turns up the voltage in more ways than one!

Books are multi-layered. PeliCAN’T Do It is ideal for advanced children to interpret how illustrations add to the story. A jolly light read, or a chance to investigate… you choose.

It’s My Party and I’ll Draw If I Want To

Cate Sawyer and Kyle Tweed planned to launch Pelican’t Do It with a big party on 13th June 2020 but then … well, mother nature sent us all to our rooms to think about what we’ve done to the planet.

Group huddle, and as often happens out of adversity, something extraordinary emerged. To celebrate the launch of Pelican’t Do It, one lucky winner has the chance to win a party hosted by Cate and Kyle!

Here’s how the launch of Pelican’t Do It will be celebrated:

  1. The first 100 books sold will be numbered and autographed by Cate Sawyer and Kyle Tweed.
  2. The first 200 books sold will come with two additional play sheets – Pelican’t Do It Join the Dots and Colouring-In. Kids have the chance to see their finished colouring-in published on Hawkeye’s websites and social pages.
  3. Every purchaser between now and 13 June 2020 has the chance to tell us why their child should win a Pelican’t Do It Party for their friends. READ MORE HERE, including how to enter.

Pelican’t Do It is a premium soft-cover children’s picture book. It has 32 illustrated pages and extra activities. $16 per book.

Teacher Notes Available:

Thanks to Head of Curriculum at Ascot State Primary School, Lynette Tweed, we now have Teacher Notes available! Email us for a free copy.

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Reviews for Pelican’t Do It

‘Engaging, surprisingly re-readable. There’s a fun little activity on the last page.’ Read full review.

Daniel Brown.

‘My 5-year-old loves it, especially some of the graphics. There are some really funny moments.’

Jane Myers, Mum.

‘My young niece and nephew absolutely love this book. It’s the new book we read for them every time they’re over! I hope they get this in schools soon – it’s a much needed message. The illustrations are wonderful and the story truly charming. Highly recommended!” 

David Bobis.

‘Love, love, love this book.’

Zoe Schofield.

You can secure the dynamic Pelican’t Do It for delivery within Australia for $16 + $3.30 postage, and for delivery outside Australia $16 + $13.50 postage (subsidised). If you wish to order more than one copy of Pelican’t Do It, message Saul and he’ll arrange a group discount buy.

Pelican’t Do It is 32 A4 pages, full colour, with a superior softcover. Thank you for supporting Australian talent and quality Indie publishing. The first 100 books sold are autographed, numbered, and include additional activities for the kids.

Pelican’t Do It Synopsis:

Pelican’t and Pelican are twins. Pelican is dead-set lucky, but poor Pelican’t is the unluckiest pelican to ever have lived. Pelican rides the highest waves with the dolphins, whereas poor Pelican’t … well … you need to see it to believe it. And you’ll never guess what happens to him when he tries to land gracefully just like his twin brother on a lightpole. Let’s just say Pelican’t manages to turn up the voltage!

Then one day, Pelican’t has an idea! A delightful romp that explores individuality, strengths and weaknesses, determination, and discovering one’s unique talents.

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About Children’s Book Author Cate Sawyer

This is Cate Sawyer’s fifth picture book. She believes in the transformational beauty of words to leave a footprint on a child’s heart, and that a child develops a love of reading sitting on a parent’s lap.

About Children’s Book Illustrator Kyle Tweed

Kyle Tweed has a Bachelor of 3D Animation and is passionate about concept art, music and bringing a sense of humour into work and art. Pelican’t Do It is Kyle’s first picture book and he says that Pelican’t Do It forced him to push his boundaries with his art.

Read article published by Just Write for Kids on Pelican’t Do It.

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  1. Leonie Tweed - April 29, 2020 Reply

    Hi. I have ordered a copy but I couldn’t see where to say I would like it signed by both author and illustrator

    • Carolyn Martinez - May 14, 2020 Reply

      Hi Leonie, We’ve got your message and will make sure they are! You’ll receive your book soon – they’re arriving tomorrow fingers crossed. Kind regards, Carolyn

  2. Anne Wardle - May 22, 2020 Reply

    I would love one of the books for my grandson how do I go about getting one from Australia, and how much would it cost in UK currency .

    Many thanks Anne

    • Carolyn Martinez - May 24, 2020 Reply

      Hi Anne

      Where you see 4 orange Buy buttons – click on the one on the right that says – buy one book delivery overseas. The book costs $16AU and delivery to UK is $13.50AU. $39.50AU = $21.22 pound according to a currency converter I just checked online.

      When you click on the buy button it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a paypal account – you can choose to pay with credit card in one of the options.

      Thank you for supporting our authors and illustrators!

      Kind regards

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