Lawrey Goodrick

Lawrey Goodrick

Q&A with Author Lawrey Goodrick

What inspired you to be a writer?

I enjoyed stories, books and movies others had created so much that I too wanted others to enjoy worlds and characters that I could create. I also grew tired of how the movie industry kept re-making classic films instead of investing the money into finding new ideas. And thought what better way to give the world a new story than writing it myself!

What prompted you to write 'Cans for Change'?

I wrote Cans for Change with a huge personal interest in recycling culture. And like many other stories I’ve written, there is always an environmental theme that propels the story. Cans for Change is a story about a struggling father and son bond, something that is a reflection of my own upbringing. Cans for Change also highlighted mental health themes like ADHD, ASD and PTSD, themes that are a common feature of my writing.

Do you have any more books in the pipeline?

Absolutely! I’m always writing new adventures. I recently finished a book called Half-life which has been long-listed in the Hawkeye Manuscript Development Competition 2024. Hopes are high that this will be the next instalment.

What is your professional background?

I’ve studied psychological science to understand human behaviour to help solve issues and struggles with mental wellbeing. I incorporate this learning into writing to establish an accurate psychologically based motivation for characters in my stories.

Any advice you’d like to give aspiring writers?

If an idea comes to you, write like you’re possessed and don’t stop until that very rough first draft is mentally regurgitated. The best part of writing follows in the edit, where story, theme and character development are fleshed out, giving it believability.

Who/what inspires you?

Paul Jennings and Morris Glietzman both inspire me with their whimsy, witty and outrageous stories. Having grown up watching Round the Twist, I loved how it offered outrageous entertainment of an arvo after school. It’s also propelled my  creative ambition. I always procrastinated when I had outrageous and wild story ideas, always questioning that there was worth in pursuing them as they were sheer absurdity. But Jenning’s and Glietzman’s success helped build a foundation for, not just me, but Australian authors in pursuing their creative writing interests.

What are your hobbies, interests and favourite books?

Reading and writing, naturally. I love illustrating especially beside my children, especially with a new book to be published. Having a cuppa tea is always good for relaxing as well as mediation. I like painting and discovering other creative outlets. Reading to kids in schools is something I relish, especially if they gain as much enjoyment out of books as I do.

I love kids book that make me laugh and are outrageous. I also enjoy adventure romance books, with favourite books Lorna Doone, Lament & Steve Hart. I enjoy science fiction Doctor Who books too and tend to give every genre a read.

How can readers contact you?

Instagram and Threads: @lawreygoodrickauthor

Contact via: Hawkeye Contact Page

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