Kyle Anthony

Kyle Anthony

Q&A with Author Kyle Anthony

What is your background in writing?

I have always thought that reading was the connection of two minds, the author’s and the reader’s. Reading is complex as it is individual. What I see others may not. So, writing is similar. It is formed from what I see. The hardship is to get others understanding. My desire for people to understand my thoughts led to the pursuit of creative writing through conceptual thoughts and visual notions. Creating a mass consumable cerebral text is fraught with a quandary of consequences. This has led me to my first publication.

How did the ideas for 'This Australian Story' come to you?

It was after the death of a friend. The basic idea is set on his situation. Although, after the first 2000 words I submitted in my last creative writing course. I thought, I need to finish this story. I did like the exploration of the premise, from a situation of the normal to one of the unexpected, then welcomed.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Only if. 2022 was a terrible year of great achievement. Although painful with four broken ribs, a result of my motorcycle throwing me off the side of Mt Nebo. Just as well the bike was repairable.  Renovations and writing have had my time. I love the great outdoors and do a bit of caravanning and four-wheel driving. Fishing would be nice, it has been some years. I spend most of my time with Bronwen, the love of my life.

Are you writing more books?

Yes, I have not long completed my second draft of my 2006 novel Quako’s Gift. At 75,000 words I still have work to perform. It is deep, heavy and thought provoking. While I try to make it enjoyable. Of course it is compulsory reading.

Why do you love writing?

The creation. Nothing compares to the development the mind goes through to imagine, formulate then transcribe to paper, ideas and emotions to make people think and feel what comes to life in the writing process.

What have you learnt about writing?

Writing is a very solitary place, although enjoyable. Yet publication is a team effort where support and criticism is embraced. You do need to learn how to write, there is much more to the craft than telling a story. Remember you need to get it out of your head then into another’s and make them enjoy it in some way.

What types of genres do you like?

I’m open to almost anything as long as I connect. Somehow romance leaves me flat.

What inspires you?

Light, Love, Life.

Can readers contact you?

Yes. I look forward to people’s reactions, it means I am connecting. Even if they do not quite see what I would like them too. Free thought what a wonderful thing.

Readers can reach me via the Hawkeye contact page.

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