Me That You See

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Genre: Fiction | Contemporary Women’s Fiction with touches of romance and drama

Me That You See Synopsis:

The only good thing about Lexi’s barista job is her work wife, Linh. Even her burgeoning relationship with single father, Ethan, is growing cold before it’s had time to sizzle. And why can’t Lexi shake the feeling that Ethan’s not over his wife?

When a mysterious friend from Lexi’s past emerges in startling circumstances, she glimpses the world of camming. Ditching espressos for the express lane to sexual empowerment and financial freedom, Lexi is lying to everyone, including herself.

When Lexi meets Travis, a charming cybercrime cop free from emotional baggage, her new life shapeshifts at a dizzying rate. Lexi becomes ensnared and, this time, no amount of lying can set her free.

Me That You See is a thrilling glimpse into online sex work packaged for book club banter and voyeuristic pleasure. It explores themes of feminism in sex work, living your truth, women supporting women, toxic masculinity, and our desire to connect.  


Me That You See, will be released on the 24th March, 2024.

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Reviews for Me That You See:

‘Pacy, racy and so much fun! Anne Freeman’s open, unreserved style is like catching up with friends. Pure escapism, with a side of humour, you’ll fly though this.’

Ali Lowe, author of The Trivia Night and The Running Club

‘A spicy delight of a story that hooked me from the first page. Me That You See gives a peek behind the cameras into a world of both empowerment and challenge. With a diverse and well-defined cast of characters, there are powerful moments around friendship, trust, and love, with a creeping threat that will leave you shuddering. This book was satisfyingly unexpected, with plenty of surprises that shunned any predictability. As with Anne’s first book, I was left with a yearning to stay with the characters and see what next unfolds for them. For me, that’s a sign of a great book.’

Jo Dixon, award-winning author of The House of Now and Then

‘Anne is a natural-born storyteller. Her authorial voice is simultaneously familiar and relatable, yet her rich vocabulary and the way she forms sentences, as well as her knowledge of the topic she writes about, means that readers gain a whole new understanding of the mysterious and exclusive world of webcamming. Her research about this fascinating profession is expertly and seamlessly woven into the narrative. It’s no wonder she shortlisted in the Hawkeye Prize! Lexi and all of the characters are so well drawn, realistic and lovable; her dialogue is punchy, witty, and full of innuendo; and the suspense and tension she established kept me racing through the chapters. And those sex scenes! Quirky, original, and never a cliché. Loved the book, love the author!’

Camille Booker, award-winning author of What if You Fly?

‘This book is a voyeuristic adrenaline rush, a glimpse into the world of women using their sexual power for money and raises a thousand questions about masculinity, sex work, feminism, the power of female friendships and the importance of living your truth. From the titillating prologue, the novel had me turning the pages to the very end,’

Johanna Skinner, Author

Me That You See is an authentic tale of self-discovery. Anne Freeman’s second novel has set a new standard in the romance literature scene and is an essential read for those seeking transformative and heartfelt storytelling, proving that love and personal growth are timeless themes.

Paris Thompson, Reviewer

‘I absolutely loved this book! The writing is so effortless and tasteful that the progression through some pretty exotic (and at times erotic) scenarios seems entirely natural and believable. The colourful descriptions are fun and often amusing, and the characters are fantastic and easy to empathise with. There’s a really positive humanistic undercurrent running through the book as well… Highly recommended!’

David Bowley, Reviewer

Me That You See is the ultimate voyeuristic experience written in Anne Freeman’s signature epigrammatic style. Totally engaging and supremely readable, Anne’s characters are crafted with empathy and class. I loved this book!’

Marion Osmond, Reviewer

‘I found myself wandering around throughout the day, contemplating what was going to happen to Lexi next. Fortunately I never had to wait long as Me That You See is a fast-paced story and I read it in every spare moment! My growing interest in the world of camming has only been fuelled by Lexi’s experience. It’s so relatable, even in the scenarios that look nothing like my own life. I loved it!’

Melissa Kramer, Reviewer

‘She’s done it again! Anne Freeman has followed Returning too Adelaide with another hugely entertaining novel spiced up by just the right amount of raunch! Me, That You See will have you turning pages deep into the night as you follow Lexi and a great cast of supporting characters through this compelling story full of heart, romance, and self-discovery. Thanks for another great escape, Anne!’

Brooke Crawford, Reviewer

‘Anne Freeman has done it again with another racy, riotous romance that will have you hooked from beginning to end. Me That You See introduces us to the lovely Lexi and a whole host of vibrant characters, and throws in some unexpected twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Just make sure you have a few good hours free, as once this book is picked up, it’s impossible to put down.’

Victoria Hanlon, Reviewer

‘Freeman brings a sexy, electric undercurrent to the familiar scenes of current-day Melbourne and an intensely modern perspective to women’s fiction. As we are swept up in the tangle of Lexi’s choices – conscious and subconscious, free and forced, benign and damaging – we are reminded that life is not linear, and that living authentically requires courage. Freeman’s writing possesses an intense and empathetic curiosity about the interior lives of women, which so often conflict with their exterior lives. Me That You See is eye-opening, real, utterly absorbing, sexy, and defiant, woven through with truths that resonate beyond the final page.’

Kasey Delben, Reviewer

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Anne Freeman – Author of Me That You See | Location: Melbourne

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