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Genre: Middle-Grade YA Fantasy

LightWorkers  Synopsis:

LightWorkers live among us, tasked with keeping Earth from falling into darkness. 

Alex is a Genie, but ever since granting his first wish, being a LightWorker has been a struggle. Jason is a Hero who loves flexing his muscles to all the non-LightWorker kids at school. Serena is not your average Siren, she’s a hacker with a mission. When Alex’s parents leave to visit the Home Star off-world, a world-ending vision plagues his mind: the portals are closing! But why now? Who would want to cripple their connection off-world? And why won’t the Council listen to them? Friendships are tested and doubts soar as Alex, Jason and Serena try to stop the portals closing, and somehow keep attending school.


LightWorkers, will be released on the 28th June, 2024.

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Reviews for LightWorkers by Anna Sarelas.

‘Delightfully original, twisty-turny and thought-provoking, LightWorkers immerses you in a world where teenage Genies, Sirens, Heroes, Amazons, Santa Clauses and Elves are hiding in plain sight, solving human troubles and having very human troubles (and parties) of their own. I can’t wait for the next instalment.’

Jaclyn Moriarty, Australian Bestselling Author

LightWorkers is an urban fantasy that goes all in on the magical and the whimsical. A world where kindness and good deeds are baked into the foundation, it’s a delightful read that is unafraid to tackle concepts of identity, family, growing up, and much more. Full of zany characters and an underlying mystery, this is a great read for anyone who needs a little extra light.’ 

Nita Delgado, Editor & Reviewer

‘A story of friendship, politics, resilience and learning who you can really trust, LightWorkers explores the best parts of teenage angst, adventure, speaking up for what you believe, and finding your place in the world.’ 

Alex Watson

Sarelas’s LightWorkers is an emotionally deep and engaging story about identity, agency, teenage friendships and politics. She masterfully connects the LightWorker world as well as characters’ issues with contemporary society, making her novel an inspiring must-read.

Beth Falzon, Reviewer

Like to learn more about Anna Sarelas? Visit her Hawkeye author page here.

Anna Sarelas
Anna Sarelas – Author of Lightworkers | Location: Sydney

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