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Front cover of Lament by Nicole Kelly.
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A fictional re-imagining of the Ned Kelly story.

The name you know. The story you don’t…

In June 1880, the reign of the Kelly Gang ended – guns blazing – in a fiery siege at the Glenrowan Inn. Ned Kelly survived, only to be hanged four months later. In this re-imagining of Australia’s most notorious bushranger, Ned is given the chance to keep his band of brothers together and build a better life.

What unfolds is the human side of four outlaws who are remembered as much for their anarchy and rebellion as their crimes. Ned Kelly. The life that might have been.

A historical tale of Australia’s most notorious outlaws with a slight twist. Nicole Kelly breathes life back into Ned Kelly and expertly explores the hopes and ideals of a young man on the wrong side of the law, and the life he might have lived if he had escaped his past.

RRP$25. Release date: 22/10/20. The first 100 books ordered receive a limited edition number.

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‘Nicole Kelly writes with such engaging olde world charm, you’ll be immediately pulled into discovering the person Ned Kelly might have been. If you’ve ever wondered what might have happened if the Kelly gang lived on, this is the heartbreaking read for you.’

Bren MacDibble, Author

‘It’s pure happenstance that author, Nicole Kelly, shares the same surname as Australia’s most enduring legend. However, it could reasonably be argued that 2020 Kelly has done a better job of getting inside the head of 1880 Kelly than so many others who have tried to capture the man whom we still – 140 years on – regard as our greatest rebel. Indeed, Lament is a better fit than Ned’s famous helmet’…

Greg Tobin.

‘I didn’t see the bombshell coming. Thrilling re-write. I couldn’t get enough of Ned. Lament brings landscape and characters to life.’

Cate Sawyer, Author

Lament is clever, wicked, action-packed, thought provoking and satisfying. I highly recommend to all. This book took me on a journey packed with emotions and delightfully bittersweet moments where I couldn’t help but root for the success of Ned Kelly. If you want a story that connects you mind, body and soul then this is a definite read.  And what have I learned by reviewing Lament as part of my final year university internship? – the wonderful experience of broadening knowledge by reading outside our usual genres. A whole new world awaits. An epic story that connects you mind, body and soul. Highly recommended’… READ LONG REVIEW HERE.

Catie Leigh.

‘I reckon it takes a fair bit of ticker to tackle a subject as enormous as the controversial bushranger with your debut novel – but not if you’re as game as Nicole Kelly’…

John Harms.

‘The writing style is full of personality from the onset. The descriptions of the Australian outback are stunning, woven into the internal monologue of Ned’s thoughts and balancing out harsh criminal actions and turbulent character dynamics between Ned and the rest of his gang. Even though we stay exclusively in Ned’s head, we get a good sense of how each and every character feels when they make whatever choice they make. A very interesting novel’…

Nita Delgardo.

Silvana Nagl

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