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Author K. M. Steele’s debut novel, Return to Tamarlin, was longlisted for the 2018 Davitt Sisters in Crime Award, and now she’s released the hilarious pulp fiction mashup, Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow, with Hawkeye Publishing.

Author K. M. Steele is represented by Hawkeye Publishing.

She has previously published short stories, poetry, essays, articles and reviews in Colloquy, Australian Book Review, Australian ejournal of Theology, Transnational Literature, Antipodes and Living Now, and in 2020 she was signed by Hawkeye Publishing for Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow.

Up close and personal with Author K. M. Steele:

Your professional background:

PhD in English Lit/ Creative Writing.

I teach creative writing and PR for authors. 

What you love most about being an author:

Losing myself in a new story.

Favourite holiday destination:

Portugal. Gorgeous fresh food, amazing architecture, friendly people and amazing horses!


Reading, horse-riding, music.

Favourite movie:

Slumdog Millionaire and Pulp Fiction (sorry, couldn’t pick one!)

Favourite book:

That’s like asking me to pick a favourite child!

Favourite TV show:

Life on Mars (British version)

Favourite way to spend a Sunday evening:

Going to a blues or R&B jam session.

Favourite quote:

Again…I have favourite child syndrome! I love the way a good quote can clarify an issue, or make the reader think. There are too many to choose just one 😊

The best thing a reader has ever said to you:

I received a lovely email from a reader who related to the life depicted in Return to Tamarlin. She wrote a detailed account of her life on the land, and raised points in my narrative that resonated for her. It’s wonderful to connect with a reader like that.

The worst (or funniest) thing a reader has ever said to you:

You’re a genius…lol!

What drives you to write:

Writing keeps the voices in my head under control, and I enjoy creating strong characters and thinking about their lives. I find inspiration and endless fascination people watching.

Your take on signing with a traditional publisher for your second book:

It’s difficult, but all publishing is difficult. The downside to independent publishing is the stigma attached, because so many people publish without rigorous editing and quality control. What is interesting is the double standard applied in the industry – there are some terrible traditionally-published novels, but they don’t seem to attract the same amount of vicious criticism eg: Fifty Shades of Grey.  

I am thrilled to now be signed on a traditional publishing contract with Hawkeye Publishing. It’s a whole other environ having a team supporting me and my upcoming release, Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow.


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Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow is now available through all good bookstores, libraries or the Hawkeye bookstore.

Find Reviews about the thrilling and entertaining Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow here.

Return to Tamarlin

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