Jump: The Time is Now

Tales from the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition 2021.

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This year’s Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story competition yielded 203 entries, and forty seven winning short stories, that spoke about the theme “courage”. Judges were spoilt for choice and thank all entrants for the excellent stories offered.

The collective stories in Jump: The Time is Now offer a cultural representation of the human experience of 2020/2021.



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Hawkeye Director, Carolyn Martinez said she commended all 203 entrants because it takes a great deal of courage to send those agonised-over stories out into the world to be judged by others.

Entries did not disappoint our judges who were again spoilt for choice. With covid the relentless cloud of 2021, the story of courage is one most readers will easily relate to.

Stories in Jump: The time is now

  1. Wildlife by N. M. Taylor, Victoria, Australia
  2. Accept, Deal, Repeat by Helen Booth, Victoria, Australia – Short-listed (Open)
  3. When the Grass was White by M. S. Bhatia, South Australia
  4. The Giant Killer by Andrea Campbell, Victoria, Australia
  5. Dirty Bastard by Pamela Baker, Victoria, Australia – Short-listed (Open)
  6. Time Machine by Dienece Darling, Victoria, Australia
  7. Black and Blue by Riley Walter, South Australia
  8. Deadly Alliance by Jo Skinner, Queensland, Australia
  9. Cardamom Coffee by Andrey Panevin, Tasmania, Australia
  10. Cratered by T. L. Ransome, United States – Short-listed (Open)
  11. Five to Ten by Paul Blanksby, New South Wales, Australia – Short-listed (Open)
  12. A Room in Time by Lilian Grace, Queensland, Australia
  13. Becoming by Maddison Greer, Victoria, Australia
  14. Hedwig Eva by Kathryne Aye, United States
  15. Betrayal by Gillian Brown, France – Short-listed (Open)
  16. The Visitor by Georgina Horsburgh, New South Wales, Australia
  17. Transatlanicism by Elaine Mead, Tasmania, Australia
  18. Greenthing by Deborah Huff-Horwood, ACT, Australia
  19. Character Actor by Ben F. Blitzer, Western Australia
  20. Brown Beret Man by Lyndal Weightman, Daglish, Western Australia
  21. Gold Rush by Zachary Pryor, Victoria, Australia – Short-listed (Open)
  22. The Unfurling of Frances Simmons by Jackie Morris, Great Britain
  23. A Lesson in Life by Helen Manias, Queensland, Australia
  24. A Courageous Boy by Mira Nguyen, New South Wales, Australia (junior entrant)
  25. The Gully by Rebecca Douglas, South Australia
  26. Background Noise by Ross van Brink, Victoria, Australia
  27. 6th of September 2018 by Mulay Sangeeta, Great Britain – Short-listed (Open)
  28. Lest We Forget by Aimee Sargent, Western Australia
  29. Another World by Yannis Ho, New South Wales (junior entrant)
  30. Dumpster Zone by Jane Turner Goldsmith, South Australia – Short-listed (Open)
  31. The Treehouse by Sarah Marchant, Western Australia
  32. Brad and Janet by Karen Lethlean, New South Wales, Australia
  33. Faithy’s Shillelagh by Kathleen Hastings, Queensland, Australia – Short-listed (Open)
  34. Fitting In by Cynthia Bolton, Queensland, Australia
  35. Courageous Carl by Rosalie Enstrom, Queensland, Australia
  36. Courage by Rosalie Enstrom, Queensland, Australia
  37. 21 Days by Georgios Goris, Victoria, Australia
  38. Ailish and the Phoneline by Bridget Hertaeg, Victoria, Australia
  39. Cover Talk by Maggie Veness, Tasmania, Australia – Short-listed (Open)
  40. A Primordial Struggle by Daniel Yuen, New South Wales, Australia
  41. The Dragon Egg by Owen Huang, 11-years-old, New South Wales, Australia
  42. One Boy, One Planet by Sol Zivkovic-Kennedy, 11-years-old, South Australia
  43. Bravery is Not Blind by Artemis Langlois-Euripides, 14-years-old, Western Australia – Short-listed (Junior)
  44. The Last Teacher in Fairfield by Charlotte He, 9-years-old, New South Wales, Australia – Short-listed (Junior)
  45. Curing Kanser by Olivia Pryor, 12-years-old, New South Wales, Australia
  46. The Storm We All Go Through by Georgia Fenwick, New South Wales, Australia
  47. Mouse Holes by Devika Warrier, 10-years-old, New South Wales, Australia – Short-listed (Junior)
Another big congratulations to the Winners of the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition!

WINNER: Gold Rush by Zachary Pryor (Open Category)

WINNER: The Last Teacher in Fairfield by Charlotte He (Junior Category)

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  1. Helen Manias - May 4, 2022 Reply

    Hi Carolyn, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for my copy of Jump! It’s been a thrill to read all the wonderful stories, and to see my story in print – thank you so much!

    • Carolyn Martinez - May 5, 2022 Reply

      Thank you Helen. One of my favourite parts of our job is enjoying winners’ reactions. We appreciate you contacting us! Your terrific story deserved its place in the anthology. All the best with your future writing.

  2. Gillian Brown - May 16, 2022 Reply

    I just wanted to let you know that my copy of ‘Jump’ arrived. It’s brilliant and I’m enjoying reading all the other stories and very chuffed to have my own story ‘Betrayal’ in there. Thank you! Best wishes,

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