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J. E. Miller, better knowns as Julie by friends and family, is a debuting traditionally published author of inspiring stories for the young and young at heart.

After spending far too many years at university, gaining graduate and post-graduate degrees in English Literature, education, and psychology, she spent some time posing as a teacher, literacy specialist, and psychological services provider. She takes research for her books very seriously.

Julie supports several charities, community organisations, and not-for-profits that are close to her heart. Her publicist insists on mentioning her Queensland Meritorious Service Citation (2011), Meritorious Commissioner’s Commendation (2014), and the two medals she received this Australia Day, a Queensland State Meritorious Medal, and a National Services Medal.

After taking up full-time writing in 2017, her debut title, Remember, Lest We Forget, received an international book award, and the sequel to this story, Remember, Triple Zero Heroes will be released this year.

Julie has written two novels and numerous children’s titles. Primarily an author of magical realism, she also works as a freelance writer and is an experienced trainer and public speaker. She regularly does author visits to local schools which she balances within her busy schedule, always ensuring that she writes more than 5,000 words each week. She is continually surprised and humbled by the acclaim she receives for her books, including public endorsements from the Australian War Memorial’s education department and many others. Contact her to find out where you can come and see her give the Commemorative Address at Anzac Day this year.

A chronic overachiever and lover of acronyms Julie is a professional member of the ASA, BBA (Brisbane Book Authors), BYAW (Brisbane Young Adult Writers), CBCA, QCT, QWC, and SCBWI. She has just taken on the role of coordinator of BBA and has been nominated to the position of chairperson for the board of QWC. She is also an elected member of Rotary. In her spare time, she is a trainer and team leader in the SES.

Julie lives in Brisbane with her family, two robot dogs, a robot bird, and a robot vacuum named Mrs. Potts. After her favourite job, being a mum, she spends her days watching Mrs. Potts vacuum while she writes stories which she hopes will inspire readers to leave the world a little better than they found it. Her characters are rich with heart, courage, integrity, resilience, and compassion.

For more, go to www.rememberlestweforget.com

Triple Zero Heroes is available through the Hawkeye book store.

Triple Zero Heroes Winners will be announced soon!

Illustrators were invited to submit original artworks for Julie’s next book, Triple Zero Heroes. Competition winners will be published with one overall winner getting the chance to work with Hawkeye Publishing on a children’s book. Remember Lest We Forget is the first book in the Remember series.

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for winner announcements.

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