Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow

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Genre: Fiction | Adventure

Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow Synopsis:

Mallory Cash is not your typical jewel thief. But she’s not the only one in Australia’s opal kingdom, Coober Pedy. Three others want the prized Virgin Rainbow opal. Stealing the opal was easy, but the escape…

The ensuant chase across the dry, hot desert to a chilly Canada and finally coming to rest in the tropical Whitsunday region will raise your temperature and cool it in an instant. Who will end up with the prized opal?

Mallory has the chance to redeem herself and end the Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow. Or will greed overtake her and put her behind bars for a very long time?

A Pulp Fiction Mashup. Brace yourself, hold onto your seat. You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime in the Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow.

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Reviews for Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow by K. M. Steele

‘The setting of the Australian outback is so full of life and detail that it almost feels like a character itself, and the action is fast-paced and exciting, particularly when the heist is underway. The book is inspired in part by Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, as well as James Bond, and those influences make for an exciting romance/crime/comedy blend that feels like a love letter to the outback’… Read full review here.

Nita Delgado.

‘I heard the author speak at a function and the humour and love for the storyline emanated from her. I had to see for myself what this #pulpfictionmashup was all about. Glad I did. I found the book got even more amusing on the second read after I knew all the characters so well. K. M. Steele excels at comedic crime; the Australian outback the ultimate setting for this double-crossing heist, involving the real Virgin Rainbow Opal. If you like Janet Evanovich, you’ll like K. M. Steele and the Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow.’

Cate Sawyer, Author.

‘I was given the chance to read Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow to design the cover and I am ecstatic it is now published. Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow is a one in a kind read – it is fast paced, witty and a wild ride from start to finish’…

Ellen Milligan.

‘A sprightly, engaging and highly enjoyable caper through the South Australian bush. This is a fun and atmospheric novel that holds the reader’s attention and leaves them hungry for more.’

Prof. Nicholas Birns, Literature Faculty, New York University.

‘The cover is perfect for this book. There’s a lot of fun packed into 142 pages. Steele gently and knowingly plays with all the classic tropes. It works because Mallory is so engaging. She’s a capable woman with a weakness for a handsome face and a ripped torso. The Australian desert landscape is vividly rendered. As a Brit I am instantly charmed by tales of emus racing across sandy vistas, journeys by camel (in Australia? You learn something every day) and budgerigars flying wild. Now I’ve finished the book, I can still visualise scenes from it and I have to agree with the critic who suggested it would make a great movie. Read full review here.’

Jackie Morris, Reviewer, United Kingdom.

‘K. M. Steele cleverly weaves a gripping adventure that will keep you turning the pages until the very end. This book is fast paced, maximum entertainment, and impossible to put down.’

C. T. Mitchell, Author.

‘A little lightness after a very heavy year. K. M. Steele has written an easy-to-read story that entertains with a novel tale of thieves chasing a precious jewel (and at times each other) across the wilds of Australia. Throw in a troubled female protagonist, a touch of romance, and a mysterious backstory and this book becomes a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow is an all-rounder—it’s accessible, enjoyable and, most importantly, doesn’t take itself too seriously.’

Candace Davis, Author.

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K. M. Steele
K. M. Steele – Author of Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow | Location: Brisbane
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  1. Matty - July 2, 2021 Reply

    What a great read this book was, it didn’t drown in information or boring facts. It relied on its fast paced plot line and it’s clever wittiness. The author teased us playfully with the characters and their escapades throughout the book leaving me wanting more. Kate described this as a romp through the country side at her launch and it was certainly that. A very readable and enjoyable story Kate. Well done.

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