Head Grenade

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Genre: Speculative Fiction

Head Grenade Synopsis:

Manny never asked to be different, to have a power that could bring the dead back to life. But when he resurrected his dead goldfish as a child, he knew he was cursed with an inexplicable power.

Now, decades later, he’s working in a Brisbane hospital, surrounded by a cast of oddball characters who make his ordinary life feel anything but. His doomsday-prepping aunt, his unravelling housemate, and his new animal-activist girlfriend who’s immune to pain quickly complicate his life. But things take a sinister turn when a nefarious individual starts hunting him down, determined to uncover his secrets.

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Head Grenade – A Deeper Dive

In Head Grenade, Troy Henderson delivers a raw and twisted journey, full of dark humour, offbeat characters, and a healthy dose of the surreal. A vivid and explosive tale of one man’s journey to find meaning and redemption in a world that seems determined to break him. Buckle up readers, this is one ride that will leave you laughing and reeling long after you turn the last page.


Qld Writers Centre Adaptable Finalist 2021

Qld Writers Centre Publishable Finalist 2021

Hawkeye Prize Shortlist 2021

Head Grenade, was shortlisted in the Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize and the Queensland Writers Centre’s Adaptable and Publishable Programs, respectively. His short stories have longlisted in the Australian Writers’ Centre Furious Fiction competition, and placed in the Genrecon Short Story competition, and FLEUR Flash Fiction Contest.

Reviews for Head Grenade by Troy Henderson.

Head Grenade is full of pop-culture references, which makes Henderson’s writing feel knowledgeable; his experiences within the Brisbane music scene at a younger age, now, clearly informs his writing career. This results in a fully-fleshed-out storyline with many aspects that almost anyone could relate to. This is a novel that is going to hit the Australian book market by storm – a must read for fiction readers looking for a fresh voice and a fresh story.”

Lillian O’Neil, Reviewer

“Dare I say it – this could be Australia’s next big author. So much raw talent for a debut. This book is surprising and funny. I highly recommend.”

Cate Sawyer, Author.

Head Grenade is a hilarious, relatable, intriguing jump into the mind of a young adult trying to just live a life in Brisbane. The narration takes everything on the chin, from increasingly niche restaurants to mysterious backstories to the general stresses of life, roommates, and The Valley, all with a quirky deadpan, a host of interesting characters, and a growing thriller aspect that keeps an edge of tension to the mundane.”

Nita Delgado, Editor

“Everyone could do with a near-death experience.” From the corner of Edward and Adelaide in Brisbane, Troy Henderson’s debut novel, Head Grenade, is a genre-bending thriller peppered with comedy, street philosophy, science fiction, and romance right here on our own turf. Love in all its forms alights in darkness and memory—and not even the doomsday preppers are ready for this!” 

L. E. Daniels, author of Serpent’s Wake: A Tale for the Bitten

“This fascinating yet relatable novel is packed with colourful characters and a thrilling plot. Henderson’s evocative, often satirical, writing style brings this coming of age tale to life with a thick coating of dark humour.”

Seanna Burnett – Editor & Writer

‘With a plot reminiscent of classic dystopian stories, Head Grenade is overflowing with relatable characters, well-placed quips and gritty depictions of Brisbane. The characters’ pasts will draw you in, but you’ll stay for their ever-more intriguing present.’

Meesha Whittam, Reviewer

‘Manny’s sense of humour runs through the whole book. Head Grenade is an authentically Australian book set in Brisbane. As a man in my twenties, I found it very relatable, especially the humour. I loved it.’ 

Rory Hawkins, Editor & Reviewer

Like to learn more about Troy Henderson? Visit his Hawkeye author page here.

Troy Henderson
Troy Henderson – Author of Head Grenade | Location: Brisbane

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