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Headshot of Edita Mujkic, author of Between Before and After - a memoir.
Author Edita Mujkić

Edita Mujkić was born and raised in Sarajevo, in what was then Yugoslavia, and now is Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After the war broke out in her home country, she fled Sarajevo in May 1992 with her two children.

After five months in Croatia, Edita and her children moved to England where she was an interpreter for other Bosnian refugees, although at the time she could barely speak English.

Two years later, in 1994, the family arrived in Melbourne.

The writing journey

Edita’s eventful family history prompted her to create a written record about it. While she worked on her memoir, Edita submitted extracts to several writing competitions and was longlisted, shortlisted, a runner-up and a winner. This encouraged her to persist with shaping the story for publishing.

Between Before and After is her first book.
It is available through all good bookstores and libraries, or direct from the publisher here.


Q&A with Author Edita Mujkic

Why do you write?

I love stories, and I love books so much that I always read several books in parallel as I cannot decide which one is better and more important to continue reading. I love telling stories, even the most ordinary ones, my own or someone else’s, in a way that keeps readers interested in hearing more. If I could create in my readers the feeling I have when I read my favourite authors, that would be a dream come true.

Favourite books

The list of my favourite books is very long, so I would stay with the names of my favourite authors. I am a big fan of Orhan Pamuk, especially his A Strangeness in My Mind. Haruki Murakami is there too. Since I read 1Q84, even though I am not keen on magical realism, I am addicted to Murakami’s books and his unique writing style.

I love reading contemporary Australian writers, there is still so much for me to learn about this country, every book teaches me something new.


Readers can contact Edita Mujkić here or find her on Instagram and Twitter.

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