Buy 3+ Books for FREE Delivery Within Australia

Buy 3+ Books for FREE Delivery Within Australia

Pelican’t Do It


Genre: Children's Fiction

Jealous siblings? PeliCAN AND PeliCAN’T are twins. PeliCAN’T tries and tries but he’s just not good at things his brother likes. Until… he turns up the voltage in more ways than one!

Books are multi-layered. PeliCAN’T Do It is ideal for advanced children to interpret how illustrations add to the story. A jolly light read, or a chance to investigate… you choose.

Pelican’t Do It is a premium soft-cover children’s picture book. It has 32 illustrated pages and extra activities.

Teacher Notes Available:

Thanks to Head of Curriculum at Ascot State Primary School, Lynette Tweed, we now have Teacher Notes available! Email us for a free copy.

Read the article published by Just Write for Kids on Pelican’t Do It.

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