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Buy 3+ Books for FREE Delivery Within Australia

It’s Raining Shoes


Genre: Children's Fiction

Imaginative play is the best play.

Cate Sawyer’s It’s Raining Shoes is a delightful early learner for your toddler.Nothing delights a child’s imagination more than a muddy puddle.Be swept away on an adventure of shoes, shoes and more shoes… and one sneaky Dad.

Learn left and right. Pairs and singles. Costumes to create with a simple dress-ups box.

It’s Raining Shoes is like all of Cate Sawyer’s books and comes with an interactive exercise at the end to cap off a stimulating read.

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. Readers are thinkers, and thinkers are future leaders…

Read an interview with the author about her latest release – The Umbilical Family – and why she’s such a fan of children’s picture books in this Quick Six with Just Write for Kids

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