Buy 3+ Books for FREE Delivery Within Australia

Buy 3+ Books for FREE Delivery Within Australia

Race for the Topaz Stallion


Genre: Australian Fiction

Book 2 in the Mallory Cash series


Race for the Topaz Stallion will be released 15 June 2024. 

When Mallory Cash helps the man she loves retrieve the stolen Virgin Rainbow jewel from her accomplice, she is placed into protective custody on an isolated property in outback Australia.

With her criminal career over, Mallory sets her sights on a future with her lover, but her peace is short-lived. Her arch nemesis tracks her down and lures her to Europe with reports of a sighting of a famous signet ring - The Topaz Stallion - which was last seen on her missing father's hand. Mallory knows she is in a race to find her father before his enemies.

What will her law enforcement lover make of her dash across the world?

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