Cans for Change

Front cover for Cans for Change
Cans for Change by Lawrey Goodrick

Cans for Change by Lawrey Goodrick -Synopsis:

Daniel Jeffries knows cars. More importantly, he knows his dad’s car, a 1970 Ford XW Falcon GT, his dad’s pride and joy. Daniel helped restore it.

But then his dad became obsessed with recycling.

Now the GT is a GT – oh no!

To have a dump for a backseat is the worst. Especially when the school bully discovers Daniel.

The flies. The filth. The funk.

Will Daniel’s reputation be rusted or restored?

About Cans for Change:

Cans for Change is junior fiction aimed at 6-10-year-olds. Talented author, Lawrey Goodrick is a barrel of surprises. Not only did he write Cans for Change, but he also drew all of the book’s illustrations. The cover was designed by Gold Coast illustrator Chloe Finnis. What a team!

Cans for Change will be available this Spring. Pre-order now to secure a collector’s First Edition. RRP $18.95.

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Testimonials for Cans for Change

“The hilarious tale of a father-son duo who journey through the streets of Brisbane on a quest to exchange containers at any cost.” Read the full review here.

Edward Hudswell, Editor.

“Lawrey Goodrick’s Cans for Change explores the cost of pride and identity, through a son’s honest account of himself coming to terms with his father’s ‘recycling obsession’. Goodrick’s descriptive writing style and use of humour, accomplishes a story that both emerging adults, and adults, will enjoy.”

Ngaire McLoughlin, Visual Designer.

“Witty, visual, “out there”. I absolutely loved this book, as did my 7-year-old son. And the reference to Brisbane made me even more thrilled that this author/illustrator is a local talent.”

Cate Sawyer, Author.

Meet Lawrey Goodrick

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