Cans for Change

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A super-funny story about recycling.

Cans for Change Synopsis:

Daniel Jeffries knows cars. More importantly, he knows his dad’s car, a 1970 Ford XW Falcon GT, his dad’s pride and joy. Daniel helped restore it.

But then his dad became obsessed with recycling.

Now the GT is a GT – oh no!

To have a dump for a backseat is the worst. Especially when the school bully discovers Daniel.

The flies. The filth. The funk.

Will Daniel’s reputation be rusted or restored?

About Cans for Change:

Cans for Change is middle-grade fiction aimed at 8-12 year-olds. Talented author, Lawrey Goodrick is a barrel of surprises. Not only did he write Cans for Change, but he also drew all of the book’s illustrations. The cover was designed by Gold Coast illustrator Chloe Finnis. What a team!


A 7-page PDF is available to aid teachers in discussing important issues such as recycling and how to deal with bullying. These pages have been created by primary school teacher Wendy Edmonds. Here are some sample pages.

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Testimonials for Cans for Change

“The hilarious tale of a father-son duo who journey through the streets of Brisbane on a quest to exchange containers at any cost.” Read the full review here.

Edward Hudswell, Editor.

‘So much inspiration comes from Cans for Change for lessons in the classroom. It has much to offer in a cross-curriculum approach integrating English, the Arts, Civics and Citizenship, and Health and Physical Education too. For example, Year 5 and 6 examine the influence of emotional responses on behaviour and relationships. The characters are relatable and Cans for Change is a great stimulus across subjects, something students can identify with, discuss and explore serious issues and stigma in a non-threatening way. The comedy in the narrative allows the young reader to relax, respond and get comfortable with discussing the themes of identity and mental health.’

Wendy Edmonds, Teacher.

“Lawrey Goodrick’s Cans for Change explores the cost of pride and identity, through a son’s honest account of himself coming to terms with his father’s ‘recycling obsession’. Goodrick’s descriptive writing style and use of humour, accomplishes a story that both emerging adults, and adults, will enjoy.”

Ngaire McLoughlin, Visual Designer.

“Witty, visual, “out there”. I absolutely loved this book, as did my 7-year-old son. And the reference to Brisbane made me even more thrilled that this author/illustrator is a local talent.”

Cate Sawyer, Author.

“Five stars. A comedic middle grade fiction with a big message for our earth.” Read the full review here.

Darci Robbins, Reviewer.

‘There is something about the story of Cans for Change that pulls at the emotions, by the end of the story, and in between that strikes a balance of humour and smart use of similes with entertaining illustrations complementing it. Loving how it talks about the habits of recycling as well.’

Chermaine Er, Reviewer

Oh my God, this is hilarious. I’m laughing my head off.

Lynette Hammond, Reviewer.

Here’s what kids and their parents are saying….

‘I like that he [dad] jumped into the bin. I found out that he [dad] is a bin diver!’

Sterling, Age 7

‘I like the drawings. The bumcrack [in the mirror] and dad blowing up a bottle that was a funny part.’

Janahli, Age 8

‘I find it funnier than Ahn Do and more relatable.’

Casey, Parent

Reviews from Grade 3 Students Casino Public School:

  • ‘When Danny’s dad cries, it was beautiful.’ – Mahli (9)
  • ‘My favourite part was when his dad dived into the giant trash can.’ – Ruby (9)
  • ‘I loved the book because of the bum crack.’ – Carter (9)
  • ‘My favourite part was Trevor having a L-sign on him for Loser.’ Tyrone (9)
  • ‘My favourite part is the bum crack.’ – Max (9)
  • ‘When trevor was given a ticket is my favourite part.’ – Rahni (9)
  • ‘When danny skipped first gear and went to second and drove off is my favourite part.’ – Axel (9)
  • ‘I like the characters.’ – Stellah (9)
  • ‘I thought it was amazing. The best part was the bum crack. I loved how you got it in the mirror.’ – Max (9)
  • ‘I thought the book was amazing and great.’ – Jack (9)
  • ‘Your book is amazing.’ – Kooriannah (9)
  • ‘My favourite part was how the police stuck the L sign on Trevor. Hilarious.’ – Max (9)
  • ‘I thought Cans for Change was really good and funny. I really love it. My favourite part was the bum crack. Thank you for writing this.’ – Carter (9)
  • ‘Best book I’ve read.’ – Miley (9)
  • ‘Hope we get to read your second book.’ – Miley (9)
  • ‘Can’t wait to read the next book.’ – Miley (9)
  • ‘I really want to read your second book.’ – Stellah (9)
  • ‘We want to read your next book when it comes out.’ – Stellah (9)
  • ‘I thought it was inappropriate when it said bum crack.’ – Skyelah (9)
  • ‘You rock Lawrey.’ – Mahli (9)
  • ‘I thought it was the funniest book I have read.’ – Tyler (8)
  • ‘I thought it was super amazing!!’ – Taylah (9)
  • ‘It was very funny!!’ – Taylah (9)

Meet Lawrey Goodrick

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