Between Before and After

A memoir by Edita Mujkic.

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A moving and compelling true story about the power of courage and love. A deeply human story that reminds us of the endless challenges of war, displacement and of fleeing conflict. It’s also a story of hope and the profound difference that a simple act of kindness can make.


A multiple award-winning memoir.

In May 1992 Edita Mujkic fled war-torn Sarajevo with two young children, in a borrowed car, with two bags and fifty American dollars in her pocket.

Her husband Goran stayed behind, trapped in the impenetrable siege. He wasn’t allowed to leave. They believed it was only for a couple of months. After five months of waiting for Goran in Split, Croatia, Edita and her children moved to Penrith in Cumbria, Northern England.

Many more months went by while Goran’s every attempt to escape failed. Edita knew she had to help him. But how? What could she do with her broken English, without money and contacts, and two children to look after by herself?

She explored every option but every idea seemed fruitless until one day the puzzle pieces started falling into their places.

This moving and compelling true story of courage, love and humanity is a reminder of the nightmares that those fleeing conflict endure and of the difference that the simplest acts of kindness make.

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“A beautiful, tender book about war and loss – and the triumph of two people’s love for each other and their children. A story for our times. It will make your spirits soar.”

Michael Cathcart, ABC Radio National

Between Before and After is the story of one woman’s patience, resilience and finding joy amidst the suffering of war – a transcendental and wise book about exile and the power of enduring love.”

Alice Pung

“A haunting, deeply moving memoir that journeys from war-torn Sarajevo to suburban Melbourne via England. A remarkable story of family, love, loss and separation, illuminating the tragic human consequences of ethno-nationalism, and serving as a warning for our own polarised times.”

Angela Smith, non-fiction writer and poet

“An intricately painted depiction of a vanished place and time, an epic love story capable of withstanding atrocities as well as a clear-eyed study of the cruelty and the kindness of strangers, Between Before and After is a book that will break your heart but will also restore your faith in the resourcefulness and the capacity for renewal of the human soul. Powerful and completely absorbing.

Lee Kofman

“Between Before and After is a harrowing memoir that piqued my interest from the moment I read the short story, ‘Courage’. The writing breathes life into every place in the book, and grounds the reader in the ever-changing day-to-day of Edita, making for quite a gripping read.”

Nita Delgado, Editor

“If, like me, you have been sitting at home watching the news and trying to imagine what it is like to be living your life, studying, working, raising a family, and then suddenly be in a city under siege with all the danger and uncertainty of a war, then you need to read this book…Edita is a talented writer and has managed to tell her personal story in an entertaining and thrilling way. There is a real art to not just tell an amazing story, but to write it in a way that is so great to read.”

Rebecca, Reviewer @rebecca.b.reading

About the Author: 

Edita Mujkic was born and raised in Sarajevo, in what was then Yugoslavia, and now is Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After the war broke out in her home country, she fled Sarajevo in May 1992 with her two children. After five months in Croatia, Edita and her children moved to England where she was an interpreter for other Bosnian refugees, although at the time she could barely speak English.

Two years later, in 1994, the family arrived in Melbourne.

Read more about Edita Mujkic here.
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  1. Biljana Ovadija - March 15, 2022 Reply

    Strong story

    Strong story of love and perseverance in time of war.
    Thirty years in making, published just at right moment.

    Dramaturgy is such that I envisioned a mini TV series.
    Opening scene as well as closing are in a range of a good director.
    Read it and let me what you think.
    Biljana Ovadija

  2. Debbie - March 21, 2022 Reply

    A beautiful true story of hope, resilience, love, and the kindness of strangers. Compelling reading and a real page turner that could not be put down.

    • Carolyn Martinez - March 25, 2022 Reply

      Hi Debbie, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Much appreciated! Kind regards, Carolyn Hawkeye

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