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Author Anne Freeman

It’s taken Anne half her life to heed the writer’s heart that beats within but now everything she does is a step to that rhythm.

A woman of many talents

A former award-winning milliner, promotional model, wanderluster, television extra, accessories designer, vintage market organiser, sales and marketing maven and creator of human life – Anne now chalks up her kaleidoscopic past to research and character development.

The writing journey

From her little teak desk in Northcote, Victoria, Anne writes contemporary fiction about women who are stuck in life and the extraordinary ways they shake themselves loose. They’re always engaging and sometimes funny with reluctant adventures, sexy escapades and friendships that uplift.

In stolen moments she is undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Writing at Deakin University. Her hobbies include referring to herself in the third person, reminding her children that cleaning is not her hobby, and being adored by a husband who is too good for her. Oh, and wine. She likes wine.

Returning to Adelaide is her first novel, a contemporary women’s fiction about a wife and mother who, when her seemingly-perfect life unravels, must follow her passions and find the courage to build something better.

Anne’s second novel is already in the making.

Q&A with Author Anne Freeman

What is your background in writing?

Before I began a Bachelor of Creative Writing at Deakin, my interest in writing was a combination of wonder and intuition. I’ve always delighted in words. They’re the only raw material from which you can build anything.

How did the ideas for Returning to Adelaide come to you?

One night, after watching a travel show depicting Ibiza, I dreamt of visiting a resort and desiring the hotel manager! Because I have Greek heritage, I knew the story could be richer if I set the novel in the Greek Islands rather than Spain. I placed the protagonist in a similar life stage to my own – a mother with young children – and designed a set of circumstances that would make it acceptable for her to travel to Ikaria.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Ugly crying into my husband’s t-shirt while watching emotionally manipulative television shows, remaining at a restaurant with my friends so long that the wait staff start putting their coats on, and singing American jazz tunes with my children in the bathroom where the acoustics are good.

Are you writing more books?

I’m currently working on my second novel, Me, That You See, about a barista turned cam-model who reluctantly stumbles towards a life of transparency.

Why do you love writing?

I’ve always loved reading and found writing of any kind – even emails – a joy-inducing experience. When I began writing Returning to Adelaide, it was an experiment to see if I could replicate the process I so admired. I told no one but my husband because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to see it through to the end.

What have you learnt about writing?

As a recovering perfectionist, I’ve learned that I just have to start writing. I have to make a big, clunky beast of a thing and then refine it. Much like sculpture, it’s impossible to create something beautiful in the first instance. I have to chip away and then polish. I spent a long time afraid to try in case what I produced wasn’t perfect. Now, I realise the pursuit of perfection comes much later in the process.

Readers can contact Anne Freeman here or find her on Instagram

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