Hawkeye Publishing hosts 2 annual writing competitions:
The Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition and the The Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize Prize Value $2,500AU (open to all authors writing for an English-speaking audience).

Our writing competitions are not-for-profit. Hawkeye Publishing sponsors them, and we do so because it is rewarding to share the fun of watching talented writers, in many cases, see their work published for the first time. We’d like to thank Brisbane Writers Workshop for sponsoring the structural edit for the Manuscript Development Prize.

We are currently looking for two volunteers who’d like to be involved in the marketing, judging and book production associated with our writing competitions. Of course, volunteering will preclude you from entering, but if contributing your skills to a fun cause in the writing space and working with a group of professionals happy to share their knowledge with you, sounds alluring, touch base with Carolyn Martinez, Director of Hawkeye Publishing.