Wrap your head around this. Free Gift Wrapping!

Let’s discuss a few hypothetical situations:

You suddenly realize it’s your best friend’s birthday next week and you’ve got a crazy busy schedule with not enough time to shop around for a book they will love. Do you have the perfect gift in mind but nothing to wrap it in? What’s a quick and easy solution to both of these problems?

Or what if your friend is very environmentally conscious and doesn’t want anything but eco-friendly wrapping paper with a low carbon footprint. Getting paper to that effect can really put a damper on your budget. You could use a Target promo code and buy a cost-effective selection of gift-wrap paper… but you’re not sure it will arrive in time for you to wrap the gift. Where can you source eco-friendly wrapping paper cheaply and quickly?

Don’t worry – here’s an easy way to solve all your gift-related problems:

From now until the end of July, Hawkeye Publishing is offering free gift wrapping on a selected range of beautifully presented books.

As part of our endeavours to minimise our carbon footprint, we wrap our books in earthy, natural paper, adding a splash of colour with a pretty blue ribbon and a sleek personalised Gift Card. Not only will these appeal to the eco-conscious and book-loving friends you have, but it will show your friends a level of gift presentation few others will have.

At Hawkeye we make it our mission to provide you with high-quality books, ease of shopping, and to add a little something special to make your experience and gift buying an easy and pleasant experience.

Feel like you need something nice in your life too? Then why not order a great read, wrapped with love, just for you?

Here’s our list of great reads to choose from:

3. Australian Biography

Breaking Through the Pain Barrier $32.95

Lament – award-winning historical fiction – RRP $25 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/lament/

Welcome to Blackwood – award-winning YA fantasy – RRP $22 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/welcome-to-blackwood/

Winning Short Story Competitions – writing guide authored by competition judges – RRP $25 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/winning-short-story…/

Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow – Australian outback crime/adventure – RRP $18.95 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/hunt-for-the-virgin-rainbow…/

Freedom & Hope – a migrant woman, the divided self – RRP $15 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/freedom-and-hope-by-jean…/

Pelican’t Do It – picture book – RRP $18.95 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/pelicant-do-it/

Places to Poop – picture book – RRP $15 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/places-to-poop-by-cate-sawyer/

Imaginative play is the best kind of play.

It’s Raining Shoes – picture book – RRP $15 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/its-raining-shoes-by-cate…/

For all non-nuclear families – adoption, fostering, IVF, step.

The Umbilical Family – picture book – RRP $15 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/out-now-the-umbilical-family/

Discombobulated – picture book – RRP $15 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/discombobulated-by-cate-sawyer/

Reset – finalists of the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Prize 2021 – RRP $25 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/reset-sydney-hammond-short…/

Finding Love Again – non-fiction self-help guide – $25 https://hawkeyebooks.com.au/finding-love-again-a-guide-to/

To access this deal, email us here with a list of books you’d like sent to who (including their postal address) and a short message to go on the gift tag. You’ll be sent an invoice/quote that will include postage – no handling charged.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

The team at Hawkeye Publishing are here to help.

If you’d like to review all our other great reads, visit us here.

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