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Genre: Fiction | Thriller

Wellworth Synopsis:

What happens when your search for the identity of your parents leads you to the one place you fear? 

After a difficult marriage breakdown, Ally returns to teach at the school she attended as a child. Her homecoming in rural Widyarra takes a turn for the worse when Ally discovers her colleagues are hiding deadly secrets. 

When Ally’s chance at finally having a family of her own is put in jeopardy, she takes matters into her own hands. But who is the hunter and who is the prey? Pushed to the brink, the lines are blurred. One thing is certain, Ally will stop at nothing to protect her child.

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Join the author as she takes you to places that inspired some of the most important scenes in Wellworth. View here.

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Reviews for Wellworth by Eila Jameson-Avey.

‘A gripping and multi-dimensional story of family, loss, guilt, shame, and secrets that will go to the grave. The combination of light brush strokes and grim undertones make Wellworth a convincing and powerful story. ‘

David Staume. Author/Screenwriter

‘The search by Ally, a teacher, to comprehend childhood trauma seized my interest from the harrowing opening chapter to the last line. Readers are led to examine concepts of guilt, culpability and punishment in a typical country town setting that features a multi-faceted ensemble of country people, positive and negative. Ally leads us through a dark world of childhood trauma and self-discovery to the place that holds many unexpected answers for her and others, the notorious orphanage Wellworth.  I enthusiastically read the novel in two days, but the images have lingered a lot longer.’

Bob Campbell, Author

Wellworth is a compelling story, full of mystery and intrigue. Eila’s characters come alive in the reader’s mind and make it impossible to put the story to rest till the last page is read. She is a master storyteller, showing us the best and worst of humanity.’ 

Jill Baggett, Secretary/Treasurer of Mudgee Valley Writers.

Abandoned in an orphanage as a young child, Ally is desperate to learn who her parents are and why they left her. After several miscarriages and a heartbreaking divorce, she returns to the country town where she grew up and begins her search for the truth. There are quite a few locals with things to hide, and before long, Ally finds herself trapped between uncovering dark secrets and fighting for her life. The pages of this dark domestic thriller are full of nail-biting edge of your seat scenes as Ally pursues her determined search to find out who she really is. The novel has a few unexpected twists and leaves you guessing till the final chapter. A new, exciting release by Hawkeye books.  @running.writing


‘Wellworth is a commendable novel that truly codifies the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’, with strong characters, thrilling developments, and a few key shifts that feel like they’ve been there all along. Fans of contemporary fiction and those seeking more of a thrill will delight.’ 

Nita Delgado, Editor

“Finished Wentworth last night after a night out at opera house! Couldn’t put it down – it was sooooo good.”

Elizabeth, Reviewer

“I read Wellworth last night. I had to keep putting it down, it was so suspenseful and eerie and familiar. I’m reading it again now.”

Brigid, Reviewer

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Eila Jameson-Avey – Author of Wellworth |

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