Trouble for Toby

Front cover of Trouble for Toby by Janet Reid.

Trouble for Toby by Janet Reid and illustrated by Amanda Francey is impulsive, imaginative and courageous. The early reader, aimed at 6 years and up, is geared for giggles, overlaid by deeper meanings. This wonderful book has teacher notes available for download through the publisher, Wombat Books.

Set at school and addressing themes of doing the right thing, thinking about your actions and their consequences, friendship, and facing up to your mistakes, Trouble for Toby ticks all the right boxes for parents. But more importantly, the former school teacher, author Janet Reid, knows how to capture the hearts of kids – one scene sees a spider on a Principal’s face!

‘There are full-page black and white illustrations placed every few spreads throughout the novel, as well as smaller images on the chapter headings. These break up the text nicely for beginner readers, and also add to the story and its impact. Francey’s pictures are full of life, and emotion, particularly humour’…

Kellie Byrnes, Book Reviewer and Children’s Author.


Toby has one mission at school: to stay out of trouble. Only then will his parents let him have a pet. But that’s just it, Toby has trouble staying out of trouble.

It wasn’t his fault that a lizard found its way into Miss Mott’s sleeve or that a snail turned up in Ivy’s lunchbox.

Join Toby and his friends on this hilarious adventure as they navigate the sandpit, adventure playground and sports shed in their mission to stay out of trouble. Add a dancing spider, a red-nosed dobber and a snake catcher and who knows what will happen!


‘Will have young readers giggling … but text has deeper meanings … gorgeous illustrations … perfect for early readers 6 and up’…

Kellie Byrnes, Author of Cloud Conductor.

‘Janet Reid is a Children & Young Adult genre success story … she creates characters who are resilient, courageous and funny’…

Wombat Books.

‘A great read for all junior to middle primary students’…

Sam, Lamont Books.
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