The Ruby Bottle

Cover of The Ruby Bottle by Janet Reid.

The Ruby Bottle by Janet Reid won IP Picks 2011 Best Junior Prose.

Author Janet Reid has crafted wonderful characters and a surprisingly believable story despite the mythical elements.

The Ruby Bottle is a fantasy novel for middle graders that has factual snippets of history woven throughout, which add a nice richness to the book.


When Amber discovers a dusty red bottle in her elderly neighbour’s shed, she knows at once that it’s meant to be hers. Then she meets the strange djinn that lives in the bottle, and is catapulted into an adventure she never imagined.

Amber’s had a few problems to deal with lately – bullies at school, a cranky teacher and her best friend moving away. Now at least she has a magical friend to talk to … if she can keep him safe.

Can Amber find the courage to deal with the bullying, make new friends and protect her djinn from harm? And what’s the mysterious task she’ll have to perform that the djinn keeps hinting at?

The Ruby Bottle by Janet Reid is available in paperback and ebook.


‘A surprisingly believable story. The conflicts felt very realistic, and didn’t have the usual miraculous recovery where everyone says sorry and it was all a big misunderstanding… Amber was so well crafted you couldn’t help but empathise’…

Alicia, Goodreads.

‘Four stars. A very entertaining fantasy novel for kids, bringing believable characters to life’…

Duncan Richardson, Goodreads.

‘A great yarn for a young reader’…

Mary Mageau, Amazon.
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About the Author:

Janet Reid grew up on a dairy farm outside a small town called Goomeri in South-East Queensland, Australia. The former school teacher now calls Brisbane home.

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