The Magic Trampoline

Front cover of The Magic Trampoline by Kieren Fitzgibbon

Picture book – Magic Trampoline – by Author Kieren Fitzgibbon is suited to fun-loving, adventurous children aged 4-8.

Synopsis of The Magic Trampoline by Kieren Fitzgibbon

How far can a child’s imagination take them?

In the children’s adventure story The Magic Trampoline, four fun loving, adventure seeking little Aussie boys – Haz, Chaz, Baz and Maz venture out of this world to some far away places.  All it takes is a very high jump on a special trampoline.

During their first adventure, after they realise the magical power of their own trampoline, the boys (along with their Dad) travel into space, land on Planet Tiny and meet the cutest and friendliest little space aliens ever – Misty, Merlee, Fizz and Krick. 

After an exciting game of space soccer, Misty hitches a ride with the boys in Dad’s back pack, creating panic and chaos for the family. 

But, they must keep Misty hidden from Mum, or she’ll find the little alien and freak out!

First in a series of children’s adventure stories, The Magic Trampoline is a wondrously illustrated picture book which takes young readers to far off and exciting places with the four little travellers, while teaching some valuable lessons along the way.

Book 2 in the Magic Trampoline series – The Smelly Penguin Poophouse – is due for release later this year.

Testimonials for The Magic Trampoline

‘The illustrations are wonderful – energetic, fun-loving and compelling, and the story-telling delightful – full of imagination. The writing is styled on a Dad telling a story to their kids. My 5 year old son and 4 year old daughter both love it. It’s a whole lot of fun’…

Carolyn Martinez, Director Hawkeye Books

‘My 7 year old and 3 year old boys both love it’…

Kylie Westaway

‘A fantastic family story which we have enjoyed time and time again’…

Rachael Ann

‘Boys and girls who are 3 – 8 years would love this book because it teaches children about not being scared to try new things and how important it is to include everyone when playing games.

‘I gave this book 5 stars since I think it is really important for other children to learn about courage’…

Abbie McCaskie

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