The Magic Trampoline Sequel

The Smelly Penguin Poop-house…

Picture book – The Magic Trampoline & The Smelly Penguin Poop-house – by Author Kieren Fitz-Gibbon is the sequel to the original The Magic Trampoline and suited to fun-loving, adventurous children aged 4-8.

Front Cover The Magic Trampoline & The Smelly Penguin Poop-house



The Smelly Penguin Poop-house is a logical follow-up in the adventure.

The boys need to get Misty the alien home, but something goes wrong. Instead of planet Tiny, they end up at the South Pole. What happens next you need to see to believe!

From the Author, Kieren Fitz-Gibbon:

As a Dad of four very active and enthusiastic boys, I need to know how to tell a story.

I have told this story, and many other magic trampoline adventure stories to my boys Harry, Charlie, Billy, and Max. The Magic Trampoline & The Smelly Penguin Poop-house is their vehicle for great adventure. They never tire of listening to the stories I tell and interrupting me with their own versions. The boys’ wonderful imaginations run wild with thoughts of all the places they can go, who can go with them, who can come back with them, and what adventures they will have wherever they land. Soon, you won’t even have to tell the story to your kids; they will tell the story for you.


‘Brilliant imaginative children’s picture books, with beautiful illustrations’…

Christie Lee.

‘A wonderfully imaginative story and illustrations. My kids love it particularly my 4 yr old son’…

Carolyn Martinez.

‘I gave this book 5 stars since I think it is really important for other children to learn about courage’…

Abbie McCaskie.

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To connect directly with author Kieren Fitz-Gibbon visit here.

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