The Divine Bodyguard; a stylish gift

A mini-book…
Gold embossed…
Stylish gift…
The Divine Bodyguard.

The Divine Bodyguard by Godiva - sacred women's business.

The Divine Bodyguard is written under the pseudonym of Godiva, the name chosen after The Supreme Goddess of the divine feminine. 

A lighthearted journey through a looking-glass text for women to realise the full extent of their power in society.

The Divine Bodyguard glorifies the principles of the divine feminine: of nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity and forgiveness.

Front cover of the Divine Bodyguard by Godiva - a plush mini-book with gold embossed features.

The miniature books, measuring just 74mm X 74mm, are covered in plush pink pu (poly synthetic) leather, and embossed in gold. They’ve been designed by the very talented Ally from Ally Oop Designs

The Divine Bodyguard is worthy as a keepsake or a gift and it is small enough to fit into your handbag. 

Written with panache and style, tinged with a wry sense of humour and culminating in a deftly concise Shakespearean sonnet, The Divine Bodyguard is a talking point.


  • a tailored envelope.
  • a beautifully designed gift card, and
  • free postage.

All for the amazing price of just $9.99!

At the specific request of the author, Godiva’s persona is to remain shrouded in mystery as simply ‘a voice for all women’.


‘Exquisitely presented… I can’t give too much away so I’ll share just one more piece of wisdom from this beautiful keepsake; ‘Never let go of the gypsy in you’… See Full Review.

Carolyn Martinez, Author of Finding Love Again.
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Carolyn Martinez

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