Teacher Librarian Specialising in Gifted Children Recommends Discombobulated

Discombobulated is written by Cate Sawyer and illustrated by Adriana Avellis. The writer’s joy in big words is contagious, and the illustrator’s interpretations are hilarious. Recommended picture book for children 4-7 years old.

Discombobulated was recently reviewed by Vanessa Rendall, Teacher Librarian and author of EducateEmpower blog – which features book reviews and teacher notes. Vanessa has a Masters in Gifted Children.

Vanessa Rendall’s wonderful Review of Discombobulated includes tips on extending the learning from this recommended picture book for children:

‘Have you ever heard of the word Discombobulated?

‘Have you ever tried to spell it or say it or even wonder what the meaning of it is?

‘Language surrounds us and we take it for granted that children will absorb new words quickly. But how about the more difficult and interesting words? And how about developing a love of words rather than just using them?

‘This delightful book will introduce children (and maybe you) to this word and the fun that can be had around it. Not only will children laugh at the illustrations of different discombobulated animals, they will learn about the wonderful world of words and the importance of being different.

‘Discombobulated by Cate Sawyer is a fun book to learn about sounding out, syllables and inquisitiveness. It also allows children to look at the importance of being different and following what we hope for ourselves.

‘Discombobulated by Cate Sawyer can lead you into many wonderful conversations about how different things can be discombobulated and why.

‘You can also gather more long words and explore how we say and use them rather than shying away from them.

‘Learning new words is lots of fun and shouldn’t be daunting. This book helps children to see that language is delightful and can lead to lots of creativity and laughter.

‘So what else can be done with this book?

‘Explore different ways you can be discombobulated.

‘Explore some other words that are lengthy in letter count or syllables. Explore these through creating own pictures that highlight the fun in this word.

‘Look at dictionaries and how to find out the meaning of words, synonyms and antonyms. Explore the antonym of discombobulated!’

Front Cover of Discombobulated

Another great book for a slightly older audience (Junior Readers) is the impulsive, imaginative and courageous Trouble for Toby by Janet Reid. Trouble for Toby is on the 2019 NSW & Victorian Premier’s Recommended Reading Lists for Primary Schools. Hawkeye Books congratulations Janet Reid for this tremendous achievement!

Front cover of Trouble for Toby by Janet Reid.

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