Manuscript Submissions

We are a small, independent, Traditional Publishing House based in Australia.

We represent authors who undertake exemplary quality processes to ensure their books are professional, competitive, and so enjoyed by their audience that the work leaves a lasting footprint on a reader’s heart and imagination.

If you’re an accomplished writer who has written an exceptionally well constructed page-turner that you believe could be a bestseller because it is original and of interest to a mainstream audience, read the Home, About, and Submissions pages at Hawkeye Publishing.

At the above pages you’ll read those genres we are currently accepting. Additionally, we are particularly interested in signing an author who has written a book on innovative sustainability practises – outlining what individuals can do to ensure the longevity of our natural environment. We’re looking for the detail and exciting potentials that people can’t find, or find easily, on the internet.


‘Congratulations to you and your team on what you are doing with Hawkeye Publishing. So great to see businesses like this supporting Australian writers, giving readers something interesting and different, and developing a clever, sustainable business model in the process,’ Dawn Edmonds.