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Ghostwriting and Editing Commissions

Ghostwriting and Editing
Carolyn Martinez

Ghostwriter | Editor | Publisher | Author

About Carolyn: In addition to running Hawkeye Publishing, Carolyn Martinez is a memoir ghostwriter. A highly skilled writer and editor, she distils the “story” from your life and writes a book for you that people want to read, whether you’re wanting a book to record your life for your family, or you’re hoping to approach a publishing house with a memoir of commercial interest, Carolyn treats your story – your life and reputation – with care and skill.

Carolyn is also a sought after structural editor for most genres. Emerging writers find her assessments invaluable. See testimonials below.

Experience: Carolyn has a passion for creating enchanting life stories about inspiring people. Career highlights include the editing of Natalie Lowndes’ biography ‘Just Nat: Life in the Fast Lane with Natalie Lowndes’, Edita Mujkic’s memoir ‘Between Before and After’, and Michael J. Cousins’ biography ‘Breaking Through the Pain Barrier’.

Carolyn has a MA (Writing) through Swinburne University and co-wrote the bestselling writing guide ‘Winning Short Story Competitions: Essential Tools for the Serious Writer’.

Other highlights of the former newspaper editor and journalist’s 30-year published portfolio include front page features, five children’s books, and three non-fiction books. She is a professional member of the Life Stories Association.

If you’re looking for a top-tier ghostwriter for your memoir, or a structural edit of your manuscript, use the contact form to arrange a free initial consultation and quote. Carolyn accepts two ghostwriting commissions per year, and one line or structural edit per quarter, outside of her usual Hawkeye work.


“I’m just going to come right out with it – Carolyn Martinez is wonderful and you should definitely book her to assess your manuscript! She treated my middle-grade novel with such care and genuine interest, and her insightful comments and suggestions shone a great big (and very helpful!) spotlight on the problems I knew were there but just couldn’t see. Carolyn not only showed me where I could make improvements, she also showed me how to make them. As a result, I now feel as though I can tackle my next draft with confidence, and whip my book into submission-worthy shape. If you’re wanting to do the same, I highly recommend engaging her services – her in-depth analysis, her editor’s eagle-eye, and her generous support and encouragement are worth every penny!”

Brooke Crawford.

“Carolyn Martinez loves words and how they connect, sound, and play together to create meaning. It is a joy to watch her locate the nuggets in your manuscript and assist you to add lustre. She is a writer who loves writers, and is a joy to engage with, while she encourages you to explore your story with a sensitivity born from having been edited, and from sharing the process with many emerging authors across her long career. I’m not one to colour between the lines and, like a good theatrical director, Carolyn stretched, pushed against, encouraged me to write my best without cramping my style, or blunting my enthusiasm; not an easy feat. Having attempted to assist numerous graduate students with their writing, I bow to her skill.  I have worked with numerous editors and acknowledge her professionalism, wisdom and technical capability. In addition, Hawkeye involved various experts in the process to give me confidence that any critique was not idiosyncratic and may resonate with numerous readers. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Peter Long, Author.

‘Good Morning Carolyn, I wanted to take a moment to again extend my sincere thanks to you for being so generous with your time and knowledge when visiting our Yr 11 Creative Writing class. The experience you provided our students was so valuable as they begin their writing journal, and I feel your discussion provided even further inspiration for their future pathways. The students were so appreciative and excited that they had the opportunity to meet you. It means the world to us that you took time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. 
The class have begun their work towards their entry into the Sydney Hammond Memorial Competition and are feeling particularly confident after hearing you speak about the comp from an insiders perspective. 
We cant thank you enough for the gift of the published book of 2021 entries- would you believe the kids all skipped straight to the entry from the 11 year old student and read that as a class after you left? They were particularly excited about that one! 😊 I can’t thank you enough for making the time for us.’

Emma McBryde  Experienced Senior Teacher – Art, Ferny Grove State High School