Sleep Before Evening

Cover of Sleep Before Evening by Magdalena Ball.

Sleep Before Evening is Magdalena Ball’s first novel.

Magdalena Ball – Author, Poet & Reviewer – is best known as the acclaimed book critic and founder of Compulsive Reader.

This gem of a book Sleep Before Evening was a finalist in the Regional Fiction category of the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Synopsis of Sleep Before Evening by Magdalena Ball:

Marianne is teetering at the edge of reason.

A death in the family sends her brilliant academic career and promising future spiralling out of control. Resentment towards those who shaped her past leads her on a wild and desperate search for the truth about herself.

On the seedy side of New York, she meets Miles, a hip musician busking the streets and playing low-rent venues in a muddled bid to make his own dreams come true.

In her new life, she finds anarchic squalor, home grown music and poetry, booze, drugs, sex, violence, love, loss, and, above all, exhilarating freedom on her troubled journey from sleep to awakening.

This gritty, relentless story unfolds with the same cool detachment that motivates the central character to peel back the layers of her life and expose the painful scalding within.

Testimonials for Sleep Before Evening by Magdalena Ball:

‘…as the drama coils tighter and tighter, it is the exquisite quality of writing that keeps the reader utterly glued. Magdalena Ball’s Sleep Before Evening shows us that in order to find yourself, you sometimes have to lose yourself first’…

Cathy Biribauer, Author, The Rose and Thorn

‘A very readable and gritty book about the life struggles of Marianne, a young woman growing up in New York. While the book tells a compelling story set in 1980s New York, it also explores family dynamics and what can go terribly wrong with the best of intentions. This insightful and often painful story is definitely worth reading’…

P. Shapiro

I am so excited to have found another author to fall in love with. I’m really picky with what I read, and I tend to lean toward more character-driven works, than driving plots. But what I am in love with here is not only the story, it is the WAY in which it is written: with utter musical and poetic genius.

A couple of my favourite prose moments are:

Pg. 44 ‘Russell’s skin was gunmetal grey. He held his hands over his ears while his mouth opened into an elongated O, becoming the perfect example of German Expressionism. Striated oranges and blacks flickered on the wall above his head and, for a moment, she saw the world through her mother’s eyes – in lights and colours rather than sound and words.’

And Pg. 50 ‘Flowers were strewn over the floor, bright lilies and carnations lying like war carnage, mocking their original purpose as a peace offering.’

Buy this book. And relish every moment of it’…

Jessica Bell.

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