Sh*t Asian Mothers Say – Best Title Award – In Conversation with Michelle Law

Author Michelle Law hit the Australian writing scene in a big way. She’s an author, a features writer, and a scriptwriter for theatre, television and film. In this post we explore the reaction to her book Sh*t Asian Mothers Say. She also shares a tip for those wanting to enter the industry.

Author Michelle Law (photography by Tammy Law).
(Photography by Tammy Law).


Your writing is diverse – theatre, TV, film, newspapers, journals and magazines. How did you diversify so early in your career?

I remained open to and searched for all kinds of opportunities, from playwriting programs, to self-structured mentorships, to pitching ideas to literary journals.

For instance with grants, I applied for many of them and kept applying for them despite being rejected a lot, so you need to be persistent.

Diversifying my skill set was a strategic move, because I wanted to build a sustainable career, but also a result of me loving all different kinds of writing.

I’ve heard you speak of your frustration when an aspiring writer says they don’t read much. Please elaborate.

It frustrates me when aspiring writers don’t read because you can’t be a writer if you’re not a reader.

I tutored writing at university and the number of writing students who didn’t read always astounded me.

We learn how to write well by reading the works of better writers, so if you’re not reading you’re not going to get far.

I love the title of your book, Sh*t Asian Mothers Say. I understand you co-authored this book with your brother. What was your Mum’s reaction to the book?

Mum loves the book and can identify the parts we’ve written that are almost direct quotes from her!

My brother and I write about Mum and the family quite a lot and I think for Mum, who’s always been very creative but didn’t have the opportunity to go to uni herself – she really enjoys that we document stories from her life.

Where can people purchase your book?

They can order it at Avid Reader Bookshop (my favourite bookshop in Brisbane) or directly through the publisher Black Inc.

What was it like seeing your play Single Asian Female come alive on stage?

Amazing! I’d been developing it for years so to finally see it come to fruition on stage was surreal and extremely exciting.

I love how actors make your words sound better than they look on the page.

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