Shriek: an absurd novel

Front cover of Shriek: an absurd novel by Davide A. Cottone

I dare you to read it. Shriek: an absurd novel is an excellent representative of the absurd genre written by a clever author – Davide A. Cottone – of CaneCutter and Vietnam… Viet-Bloody-Nam notoriety.

(What is the Absurd genre?)

The main character, Aleph McNaught, is at a crossroads in what he sees as a meaningless life. Abused as a child, he turns to drugs and ends up locked up in an asylum before launching into a new and wild life populated by a host of multiple personalities. Rejected in love, his only weapons against a society gone mad are his irrational thought patterns, absurd actions, and his projected versions of his own psyche. McNaught, as narrator, takes the reader on a psychotic ride into his crazy headspace while commenting on the state of a fictitious society.


‘I dare you to read it. I’ve already started my first re-reading’ …

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Carl Delprat, Compulsive Reader Reviewer.

‘Incredibly well written. I imagine this book being studied by university students as an exemplar of the Absurd genre. The genre is probably not for everyone, but if you’re going to read one to see what Absurd is all about … this is definitely the one to read. Highly recommend’…

Carolyn Martinez, Director Hawkeye Publishing.

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Carolyn Martinez

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