Shortlist: Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize 2022

The results are in! To set the scene for you, all those manuscripts that made the longlist are of such quality that they currently sit with the Hawkeye Submissions Review Panel to consider if Hawkeye may wish to offer on any particular works. You can view the full longlist here.

Judging Contracts vs Manuscript Development Prize

Consideration for contract offer is a slightly different process than judging the Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize so it is not merely a matter of predicting that first, second and third place in the Hawkeye Prize will be offered publication with Hawkeye.

In considering a contract offer, more dynamics come into play as different people read the manuscripts.

The sales team need to be convinced that the market has a voracious appetite to consume that book, and that we’ll be able to sell the book, and the author, to readers, bookstores, distributors and media. This is why we ask entrants into the Hawkeye Prize to take their marketing plan seriously. Entering the Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize offers more advantage than the terrific $2,500 editing package first prize.

All those who made the longlist for 2022 displayed very high level writing ability. However the final three distinguishing elements that competition judges used to determine the shortlist were rising tension, compelling characterisation and original voice.

We identified that the five manuscripts chosen for the shortlist had slightly more beautiful and original prose, deeply explored main character development, and elevated rising tension, than others on the longlist.

It gives me a genuine thrill to announce this year’s shortlisted entrants:

Magnus Nights: Leviathan – Tech Noir Sci Fi by Bryn Smith

Me, That You See – Contemporary Women’s Fiction by Anne Freeman

Moontide – Young Adult Fantasy by Mary Greenwood

The Need of Comrades – Queer Historical Romance by T. L. Jones

The Road to Freedom – Fantasy by Gabrielle Davis

Winner’s prize

The winner of the Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize 2022 receives a $2,500 editing and coaching package that comprises a structural edit with our generous sponsor, the inimitable Lauren Daniels from Brisbane Writers Workshop, and a line edit with a senior editor at Hawkeye Publishing.

Please join me in congratulating these shortlisted applicants, and wishing them all the best for the final round of judging. The winner of the Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize will be announced on Monday 4th April 2022.

To all entrants of the 2022 prize, thank you for providing us with original phrasing, deep perspective writing, titillating rising tension, and gripping characterisation.

Most entrants have moved well past the basics of writing—i.e., show don’t tell, and correct grammar and tense. The creativity and talent on display were extremely encouraging and judges thoroughly enjoyed reading your entries.

The Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize is offered by Hawkeye Publishing as a means of supporting and encouraging all writers.

Entrants into the Hawkeye Prize are provided with judges’ comments as to why or why not their entry made it or didn’t make it, into the next round of judging. It is a time-consuming process to provide feedback, but we know this information is invaluable to writers’ careers moving forward. Feedback will be disseminated in the weeks following the winner’s announcement.

Our panel of talented judges

An independent panel comprised of final year editing students from QLD University of Technology, and University of Sunshine Coast, are currently reading the five shortlisted manuscripts to determine the overall winner.

Once names were attached to manuscript submissions to enable the longlist and shortlist announcements, it was apparent that I have communicated in the past with one of those entrants, and know two of them, so I’ve withdrawn myself from the selection of the overall winner.

Nita Delgado and myself (the primary judges) sit peacefully with this process knowing that any of those manuscripts nominated on the shortlist will make a worthy winner of the Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize 2022.

We are just as eager as you now to learn the result!

If you’d like to read published books that originated from the Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize you can find them here:

Breaking Through the Pain Barrier book cover
Cover Welcome to Blackwood
Front cover: Lament
Magnus Nights Book cover
Return to Adelaide cover
what if you fly cover
Cans for Change cover
Between Before and After Book Cover

You can learn more about the Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize, visit here.

To read the work of our other wonderful Hawkeye authors, visit the Hawkeye store.

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