Rosanna by Annie O’Moon-Browning

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Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Rosanna Synopsis:

Brisbane. Pre Expo ’88. Rosanna walks into Anna’s art therapy. She is delusional. Prostituted. Homeless. The government deems her unfit for parenting. Caught up in Brisbane’s underbelly, she fights to reclaim her children. As Rosanna’s story unravels, Anna’s past begins to reveal itself.

An elusive familiarity haunts their relationship. What ties these two women together?

Rosanna is a deeply Australian story of hidden truths within the glory of our wild landscapes. It illuminates the healing force of sisterhood. Holds the charm of Celtic folklore. Shows the power of our human will to regain dignity out of the destruction of culture.


Rosanna, will be released Saturday 20th April 2024.

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Reviews for Rosanna by Annie O’Moon-Browning:

‘Rosanna’s life has not been easy. The richly descriptive prose journals her path through hell and back during the post-Vietnam hippie era of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Rosanna survives and ultimately thrives, not just through her own strength but through the love shown and shared with a wonderfully eclectic cast of characters. This book has many twists and turns, mystical allusions and historical referencing, so read it slowly to savour the difficult but intriguing mystery and ultimate restoration of her life.’

Dr Margaret Matthews

‘Rosanna is set in a small rural town in the magical forests of the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Underlying this natural beauty is a disturbed and destructive underbelly that reflects a shameful era of neglect, abuse and violence in Australian family culture. Annie O’Moon-Browning’s subtle and sophisticated novel weaves the story of one woman’s triumphant healing journey back to herself. Rosanna is an important read.’

Dr Nicci Buirski

There are some novels that are woven with magic and Rosanna is one of them. This is a book of the soul, transcending mere storytelling to become a guiding light that illuminates even in the darkest moments of life. Rosanna encapsulates the beautiful essence of Australian magic and infuses it with Celtic folklore to create a mesmerising and enriching tale. O’Moon-Browning writes as if the earth itself composed a melodic symphony, and she stood as the sole enraptured listener to write it for the rest of us to hear.

Testimonial by Paris Thompson

‘I loved the vivid, descriptive prose of O’Moon-Browning’s skilfully crafted novel about Rosanna’s life journey which follows the changing face of Australian history in the counter-culture. It is a beautifully written debut novel that I could not put down.’

Cathy Scully, Karuna Biographer

‘An engaging novel of a young woman’s traumas and journey to healing, revealed through conversations with her therapist. Vivid descriptions of life and landscapes in 1970’s and 1980’s northern New South Wales and Brisbane.’

Suzy Teo, Director Union Society Brisbane

‘Rosanna is a raw and healing tale of Rose’s journey through love, trauma, and loss as a young girl and free spirit in Nimbin, New South Wales. Rosanna explores the deep, spiritual enchantments of Australian nature and its connection to the complexities of human experience.’

Beth Falzon, Reviewer

‘This is a lush and beautifully written novel of female survival. A heartbreaking and inspiring story about a young girl on her healing journey. As her therapist uncovers what Rosanna is hiding and why, an evocative climax builds to a rewarding finish. The author has captured the energy and emotional tension of intertwining relationships. I connected with the beautiful Australian threads which are woven throughout the book – the places, people, and landscapes are beautifully described. The opening scene at the creek had me at ‘hello’. I absolutely adored this book.’

Vicki Bennett, Author

To learn more about the talented Annie O’Moon Browning visit her author page here.

Annie O'Moon Browning
Author Annie O’Moon Browning

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