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It took me a while to do, I wasn’t sure I wanted to read them, but I’m so glad I did. Reading the reviews of Finding Love Again (previously titled Finding Love: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Date Again) made the three years of research and writing worthwhile. I’m sitting at my desk right now feeling grateful and humbled that these readers have let me into their lives.

Some of the reviews you can find online: cover-aguidefindingloveagain-carolynmartinez-final-aguideto

‘A real and honest book, inspiring,’ Adriana Avellis.

‘A brilliant book. The people are so brave to have shared their journeys, mistakes and successes. Highly recommended,’ Karen Crofts.

‘Since reading this book I have been motivated into finding love again and this is after being single for over 10 years. I’ve already been on two dates and have totally changed my approach to dating. I now feel rejuvenated and know that at 53 I am going to find love again. Thanks for writing this Carolyn, educational and entertaining, I am already recommending it to all and sundry,’ Lynette Hammond.

‘I was overjoyed to read Carolyn Martinez’s Finding Love Again. It is practical, full of wonderful self-reflection exercises and most importantly Carolyn’s ‘you-can-do-it’ approach. She is like a wonderful dating coach. She believes you will fall in love again and her positivity is absolutely uplifting. My favourite part of the book is the self-reflection exercises. These are valuable tools for evaluating the lessons you have learned so far, the wisdom you have gained and seeing how you can apply these to your next relationship. There will be another relationship! If you doubt this, or you are single – and don’t want to be – this is the book for you,’ Kimberly O’Sullivan

‘There are many good books available that deal with the topic of love but none so sound as this one. This book should be integrated into our curriculums in high schools so that our greatest resource – our young people – get a break early on in their lives. For those whose relationships stagnate, finish or continue to torture please read this book. I shall be recommending it to all my friends and the large number of people I talk to who are seeking to make sense of their lives,’ Grief & Wellness Services, Bob Wyborn.

‘This book has the power to change lives,’ Leigh Hutton, Author, Jump Girl and Race Girl.

‘Finding Love Again is a valuable manual on how to ensure that a second relationship is sustainable. Even if you aren’t looking for love, there are lessons to be learned here. Finding Love Again is a well-written, sensitive and very easy to read book full of stories, ideas, and advice on how to find love, and more importantly I think, how to keep love strong for the duration,’ Maggie Ball, Critic, Compulsive Reader.

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  1. Janet Akroyd-Stuart - December 13, 2016 Reply

    “Finding Love Again.” This book is a must for those seeking love again after the loss of a spouse, divorce or singles break-up.
    Martinez, through interviews, gives accounts of people who have undergone a personal tragedy and relates to how they coped with grief and depression to eventually heal and find the confidence to date again.

    “Finding Love Again” is a marvelous book, well written, easy to read with a wealth of information on how to and where to, go to find love again.

    Janet Akroyd-Stuart, Author Half a World Away.

    • Carolyn Martinez - December 13, 2016 Reply

      Hi Janet, Thanks for your lovely feedback! Glad you enjoyed the book. Regards, Carolyn

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