Review of ‘Rosanna’ by Annie O’Moon Browning

by Beth Falzon

Rosanna front cover

Rosanna is a raw and healing tale of Rose’s journey through love, trauma, and loss as a young girl and free spirit in Nimbin, New South Wales. Rosanna explores the deep, spiritual enchantments of Australian nature and its connection to the complexities of human experience.

Having to face the enemy

Rose arrives on Anna’s doorstep in Red Hill angry, shaking, and shame-ridden. Her children have been sent to Nimbin, and to get them back, she has to face her past, face him. Rose would rather do a thousand illicit and self-harming things than face the bastards and backstabbers of her past. But she must. She has no choice, if she wants to see her children again.

Anna is a therapist who uses art and music to connect with her clients. As her relationship with Rose grows, Anna is drawn in by her telling eyes and fierceness, which is often at odds with Rose’s timid frame and pendulum-like moods. Anna helps Rose open up, to talk through the wondrous and magical moments of her life, as well as the challenging ones. But does Rose have the strength to face over twenty years’ worth of trauma?

The story behind this story

Annie O’Moon-Browning is a Brisbane-based author and former natural fertility specialist – specialising in detox programs and preconception health care – and female hormone health expert. She has helped tens of thousands of Australians find health and happiness. Her passion for naturopathic medicine, along with the powerful stories shared at her monthly women’s book group, has inspired her debut novel Rosanna.

Through her profession, people have shared their lives with O’Moon-Browning, exposing her to the overwhelming scope of human experience. Rosanna speaks to issues such as hidden abuse, sexual assault, sexual pleasure, the assumed societal norm, manipulation, and crippled self-respect. O’Moon-Browning shows us how to survive and face these issues through her character Rose, and Rose’s connection to the land, nature, and her ancestors.

Rosanna is an intensely human and thought-provoking novel that unpacks real and relevant issues in a spiritually-complex country.

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Rosanna front cover

Learn more about the talented Annie O’Moon Browning here.

Annie O'Moon Browning

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