Review by Natalie Jenkins: Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident

A universe that deserves to be expanded…

Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident

As an avid reader, it’s not often that I come across a book that can have me grinning at witty dialogue on one page and cringing in sympathy for a kidnapped cop moments later.

Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident had me doing both these things and more as I blitzed through the chapters.

Combining detective procedural with elements of sci-fi and political intrigue, this book had me hooked from the opening scene.

Craddock is a rookie detective assigned to investigate a series of baffling crimes in the ‘undercity’ with his gruff but knowledgeable senior partner, Augustine. As the two delve further into the underbelly of Magnus, their enquiries begin to uncover an insidious plot that could shake the foundations of the very system they have sworn to serve.

The dialogue is one of the greatest strengths of the novel. From the witty back and forth between Craddock and Augustine to the intricately crafted questioning of suspects, the author’s grasp on storytelling through dialogue is thoroughly engaging.

Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident masterfully switches between seemingly unconnected characters to craft a story that culminates in an action-packed finale, full of twists and turns that all eventually come together for a shocking end reveal.

This is a universe that deserves to be expanded, and the teaser chapter for the next book, Magnus Nights: Leviathan, is a tantalising taste of what’s to come for Craddock and the city of Magnus.

The release of Magnus Nights: Leviathan also brings with it the chance for one lucky reader to become a part of the action themselves.

By pre-ordering a copy of Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident, you are in with a chance to have your name written into the follow-up novel.

Will you be on the end of one of Augustine’s sharp-tongued barbs, or will you be the next victim of a glowing green plasma attack?

Anything is possible for your namesake; you’ll just have to pre-order Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident to find out!

You can buy Magnus Nights: The Helios Incident from the Hawkeye bookstore.

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