Review by J. E. Miller: Breaking Through the Pain Barrier

Breaking Through the Pain Barrier
Front cover: Breaking Through the Pain Barrier

Every Politician, policymaker, hospital administrator, medical practitioner, and sufferer of chronic pain should read this book.

‘Breaking Through the Pain Barrier’ is a remarkable story of a tenacious man, the wonderful Doctor Michael Cousins, and his achievements in leaving the world of pain medicine better than he found it.

Along with a record of his incredible work, I enjoyed reading the many amusing anecdotes which showed the human side of the man and his very patient family.

I was incredibly impressed by the level of research conducted by Gabriella Kelly-Davies to deliver this insightful read. Her story emanated beautiful storytelling that had me open-mouthed, shaking my head, laughing out loud, and fist-pumping the air as I read, to the amusement of my family, looking on from across the lounge room.

Within the pages of ‘Breaking Through the Pain Barrier’, I learned things I have never heard in all my years of suffering from chronic pain and being seen by numerous doctors and specialists. This book has completely transformed the way I think about my own chronic pain. I’m ordering a copy for my doctor.

Breaking Through the Pain Barrier is available at all good bookstores and libraries or directly from Hawkeye here.

For more information about Gabriella Kelly-Davies visit her Hawkeye page here, or her personal page here.

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