Review by Chermaine Er: Leaving Blackwood

Leaving Blackwood Front Cover

Book 2 is a winner!

Aside from romance, thrillers and mysteries, I have always been very intrigued by dystopian and speculative fiction. Leaving Blackwood is one that hits that mark.

I was given the opportunity to read the second book even before the first – Welcome to Blackwood. I must say that it pushed me to read the first book now.

Mega supernatural abilities included

I will have to applaud the author, Khaiah Thomson, for her psyche, nailing almost every supernatural ability you can think of and even more.

From the protagonist Syphon abilities and a bestie as a seer to Wolfshifters and the more evil pain-inducing ability or the rare aegis ability.

It kind of reminded me a little of Twilight and even the Avengers: Endgame (Spoiler alert: where there are multiple endings and only one thought to be viable).

As a typical Mundane, which all of us are – or not, I grew up dreaming about having some type of superpower.

While more supernatural abilities are introduced, the existing ones are evolving. New elements like dreamscapes have been brought into the plot.

Other than the supernatural, Khaiah Thomson has also done really well in describing picturesque landscapes.

In one scene, it struck me of a place I visited before (one that was within a favourite memory of mine). It is where two oceans meet at Hamelin Bay, Western Australia. It was a beautiful setting in the book.

Freya, the protagonist, goes through some relatable – though not exact – times as she shows the transformation from a teenager to a young adult.

Her powers are growing as she has to get through many more challenges.

The intrusive voice in her head, feelings of missing home, heartaches and temptations from new dangerous attractive characters are inclusive in the plot (guilty of liking the new second male lead here).

A story of growth and change

Her journey of self-discovery and emotional ties with her loved ones follows her throughout the story.

The past is discovered and questions are answered. As the title suggests, Freya left Blackwood and had no choice but to grow independent and become strong. All of these while meeting new friends or foes.

The book has left me on the edge of my seat as I was unknowingly absorbed into it.

While I am doing it the unconventional way and in the midst of reading the first book in the series, I can’t wait to uncover even more supernatural abilities and the following story of that cliff-hanger ending of the second. I sure bet that I will be getting my hands on the last book of the series when it comes out!

You can order Leaving Blackwood here or at all good bookstores.

Learn more about the talented Khaiah Thomson on her Hawkeye page here or her Instagram page.
If you haven’t read BOOK 1, Welcome to Blackwood, get on your bike and read it now. Buy your copy here.

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