Return to Tamarlin

K M Steele’s novel Return to Tamarlin follows two sisters, one stranger, and a lifetime of questions…

Front cover of Return to Tamarlin by K. M. Steele.

When Tamara Slender disappears from an isolated property in Western NSW in 1975, gossip runs wild that she has run off with a local man, Roger Bryte. 

Months later, Tamara’s teenage daughters, Nancy and Mary, realise they encountered Bryte in caves on their property the day before their mother disappeared.

Despite their suspicions, their father refuses to involve the police, and the girls’ grief, fuelled by the town gossips and their father’s inaction, drives them apart. 

In 2007 a stranger arrives at the farm seeking information about Roger Bryte. His questions give Nancy a reason to contact her estranged sister.

The sisters are reunited, and their mother’s disappearance is finally solved when Mary returns to Tamarlin.

‘An impressive and honest piece of work’… Brian Castro 

‘An exciting, engrossing read: we immediately care about the relationship between the two sisters, are intrigued by the mystery of their mother’s disappearance, and captivated by how skilfully the rural setting is drawn’… Nicholas Birns

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