Returning to Adelaide: Is Detached Contentment Really All There is?

Return to Adelaide cover

By Nita Delgado

Returning to Adelaide is a novel about the depressing mundanity of life and how people can trick themselves into stagnation, but also hope and spontaneity.

Adelaide, our protagonist, has a life where she feels like ‘detached contentment’ is the best she’ll ever get.

She loves her children, she lives a life tangentially attached to her old dreams, she tries to keep her marriage turning like a clock, and she tries to keep the status quo in check.

But all is not well in Adelaide’s life, despite her best efforts to make it as painless as possible for everyone around her.

After a confrontation with her husband that upends her worldview, Adelaide is left adrift in her life. The decision is made, with the help of her quirky friend Rosemary, to travel to Greece for a holiday.

Originally chosen partly out of spite, partly to clear her head, Adelaide finds herself throwing off the trappings of the life that had ground her down.

The book is focused on Adelaide regaining her fire and her passion for life, finding new love and new experiences, which is something I’m sure plenty of people would love to do.

Adelaide is a joy to read in this novel, watching her come out of her shell and find herself is masterfully written.

Watching her take on her reality and make it better for herself feels empowering, and her love interest isn’t so hard on the eyes himself, apparently.

It’s wish fulfilment in a few ways but the writing style keeps from feeling overbearing about that fact. All in all, an absolute treat to read and review, can’t wait for everyone else to read it!

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