Reset – Sydney Hammond Short Story Comp 2020 Anthology

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ISBN: 9780987190925

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Terrific Tales themed ‘if only’ from the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition 2020.

These winners’ stories will delight, captivate, surprise, and move you.

The exceptional quality of entries left judges spoilt for choice. Winners displayed originality and an advanced understanding of the story arc.

2020 was the year of covid and lockdown. Always encouraging is the human spirit when it rises to a challenge. These stories will transport you.

Stories in Reset

  • Witless Wings – Francesco Moramarco.
  • Five Minutes – Jack Garrety.
  • Inside and Outside – Paul Traynor.
  • It is a Wonderful Life – Eric Blair.
  • Courage – Edita Mujkic.
  • My Dad is my Hero – Michaela Hatfield.
  • Child: Goddess: Sister – Claire Hampson.
  • The Harmonica – Pinchas Birnbaum.
  • Silence – Illika Sekulovski.
  • Seven to Six – James Voyce.
  • Saved – Peter Long.
  • Fate’s Lament – Tristan Hull.
  • Another Day – Kathryn Thacker.
  • La Loca – Dawn Edmonds.
  • Firebirds – Nicole Sellers.
  • I was a Cat – Matthew George.
  • Home – Freya Bourke.
  • If Only – Rowena Harding-Smith.
  • The End of an Era – Maddison Greer.
  • Coffee Hearts & Clover Leaves – Christopher Bantick.
  • The Equation – Nicole Kelly.
  • A Miss is as good as a Mile – Peter Buttery.
  • Bird skull Lady – Diane Greenwood.
  • Freedom & Hope – Jean Stewart.
  • Hope Springs – Hayley Myors.
  • Courting Danger – Diane Clarke.
  • Lest we Forget – Bridget Hertag.
  • Winners – Helen Booth.
  • True Colours – Gillian Brown.
  • Timeless End – Brendan Murphy.
  • An Alien Bedfellow – Colleen Russell.
  • The Examination – Agi Dobson.
  • The Disc Slides in… Click – Deborah Huff-Horwood.
  • Rocco & Bernadette – Ian Andrews.
  • Rainy Afternoon & Morning Ice-Cream – Kaitlyn Dilley.
  • Mary the Flasher – Simone Busch.
  • Mint Tea. Morocco. Me – Fran Willcox
  • Stop.Go. – Alida Galati.
  • Water is my Favourite Drink – Fun Lam.
  • The Sleepover – Taya Reid.
  • Little Leaf – David Lin.


‘I’ve received my copies of Reset, and they look wonderful! I’m really enjoying reading the stories. I’m amazed by their diversity and feel like I’m learning a lot both about writing and the selection process. Thanks a lot for doing this!’

Francesco Moramarco

‘My ‘Reset’ book has arrived and it’s an excellent publication. Thank you.’

Colleen Russell

‘Thanks, I received ‘Reset’ today.  I am really enjoying the other stories. Thank you for such a superb initiative, not just for the writers but also for all those who love an excellent story.  The stories in ‘Reset’ are amazing and diverse. I’ve ordered another batch of 30 to give to friends.’

Fun Lam.

‘When I sat down to cull this year’s short stories, I thought ‘how hard could it be?’…but then I read them.’

Daniel Brown, Judge.

‘Once again, the Sydney Hammond Award anthology reveals a diverse collage of emerging voices, drawing literary impressions from around the world. Come closer, lean in, and you’ll hear 2020’s heartbeat.’

L.E Daniels, Editor, Author, Judge.
Edita Mujkic, author of short-listed story ‘Courage’ with her copy of ‘Reset’.

A Small Sample of Winners’ Reactions

‘I would like to thank you for providing such a great opportunity to a fledgling writer like me. It was a great thrill to discover my name on your “long-list” and even more exciting to know that my story will be published. My entire career was spent teaching mathematics and, like your father Sydney, I played bass and guitar in semi-professional rock bands at night or on weekends. I wonder whether I ever crossed paths with Sydney at a music gig. It never occurred to me to try writing until I joined a couple of U3A classes in Brisbane last year. I was encouraged to enter your competition by a very motivating teacher and writer, Bronwen Cousins. You and your judges have made my year. Please pass on my thanks to them.’

Peter Buttery.

‘It doesn’t happen often – but I am, literally, totally without words – thanks so much for this news Carolyn, and of course, huge thanks to the judges! What a buzz! A Covid lockdown win! Regards and thanks again.’

Alida Galati

‘I am smiling broadly, very broadly. I am humbled to be chosen for the long list.’

Christopher Bantick.

‘Thank you! What a surprise! I’m really honoured to be selected as the Junior Winner! Can’t wait to share this good news with my teacher and principal! Thanks again for organising this competition and I really appreciate the hard work from you and all the judges!’

David Lin.

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  1. Nicole Kelly - April 21, 2021 Reply

    Hi guys, I jumped onto Writer’s Victoria’s Live Write session tonight (it’s a zoom moderated writing time, where you can just turn up and write with other writers). At the end of the session, a woman (Alida) held up her copy of Reset….then I held mine up, which led to much discussion about the anthology and how great it is. Also discussed the new short story prize. Then, another woman, Lindsay said she was short listed for the Manuscript Prize. I then spoke about Lament and it coming from the Development Prize and how great Hawkeye is. Very positive vibes about Hawkeye from that little writing community!

    • Carolyn Martinez - April 21, 2021 Reply

      Nicole, thank you for sharing this! You just made our day. BTW Writers Victoria is a great organisation – they put on a sensational program of opportunities for writers, and from our end, they are exceptional in the background of the writing industry in Australia. Kind regards, Carolyn

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